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road signs

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    Recycled street-sign furniture is uncomfortably cool

    Industrial designer and artist Boris Bally has taken the urban decay aesthetic to a new level, crafting tables and chairs from worn-out street signs. Bally cranks out everything from high-backed dining-table chairs, to coffee tables, to armchairs. Bally has been working with metal in one sense ...

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    Can you name that road sign? Take this quiz and find out

    A couple of weeks ago, we challenged you to take a shot at a written driving test. The test wasn't designed for rocket scientists, but a few of you justifiably complained about the confusing verbiage in some of the questions, and the fact that some laws vary from state to state. Yeah, some of you ...

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    Danger, Zombies Ahead: Programmable road signs get hacked

    What do you get when you combine a public broadcasting medium, simple data entry and a student from MIT? You get things like the road safety sign above, which was probably a caution for altered driving conditions, but now warns of the living dead.We suppose that state Department of Transportation ...

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    Jeremy Clarkson wins: UK reviewing all traffic signs

    Clarkson has a thing against roadside signs in the UK: namely, that a great many of them are stupid, and he wants the government to get rid of them. Turns out that Britain's Department for Transportation (DfT) might agree with him, but first they're going to review all the signs in Britain to see ...

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    Spanish road signs to undergo sexism sensitivity training

    Reuters is reporting that a Spanish town council known for its socialist leanings and support of feminist causes has voted to banish sexism from street signs. With all of the signs and crosswalk signals currently showing male figures, they felt it was high time to make some changes. Half of all ...


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