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Classy Wood Pairs Well With Lead-Acid Batteries

McLaren Design Director Frank Stephenson creates an electric-powered riverboat inspired by the sleek, wooden-hulled boats of the mid-nineteenth century.


"It's time to say goodbye," said AvtoVAZ spokesman Igor Burenkov to Russia's RIA Novosti about the end of Lada 2107 production, which happened this week. The Lada 2107, also called the Lada Riva, has been plying Russian roads since before Ronald Reagan started redesigning walls. It's one of the cars you're most likely to see in grainy film and video clips from the days before Glastnost.


You may remember the Pininfarina Cambiano as the creation that walked away with the honor of being named the most beautiful concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The design house decided to commemorate the honor by crafting something else special for the 2012 Milan Furniture Show.

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