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    Canadian woman pays $66K for $41K 2010 Mazda6 demo model, dealer blamed

    2010 Mazda6 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As Americans, we typically view Canadians as our friendly neighbors to the north. So friendly are they, in fact, that it seems unimaginable that one would do anything as vile as, say, sell a woman with reduced mental capacity a used Mazda ...

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    Adventures in copyright infringement: Lifan 3-series

    Clubman: potentially described as cute. Lifan 3 Series: Not cute. Not even ugly to the point of being endearing. Enough of the MINI's cues make it through in the Lifan that you can just picture them laying a huge sheet of onion skin over the Clubman and coming up with this. It's close in a lot of ...


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