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rinspeed micromax

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    Geneva: Rinspeed MicroMax Concept offers cheerfully wacky public transportation

    The Geneva Motor Show never does lack for high-minded and/or wacky concept cars, and throughout the years Rinspeed has done more than its fair share to add to the inventive environs. With plucky iconoclasts like the BamBoo, iChange and (of course) the Lotus Elise that got turned into a submarine, ...

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    Official: Rinspeed to unveil Micromax space pod EV concept in Geneva

    Switzerland's Rinspeed does its thing every year at the Geneva Motor Show, annually revealing another left-field solution for urban motoring. In 2010, it was the Fiat-500-esque UC?, 2011 saw the debut of the otherworldly BamBoo, and 2012 brought with it the Smart ForTwo-centric Dock+Go. In 2013, ...


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