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    Video: Petrolicious pays visit to tuning sensation the Ringbrothers

    We caught up with a few projects from Ringbrothers at SEMA this year: a classic Ford Mustang body rendered in carbon fiber, and a De Tomaso Pantera-based concept that made us swoon. It's with good timing then, that our friends at Petrolicious have uploaded their newest, well-crafted ...

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    SEMA: Ringbrothers shows 1965-66 Mustang fastback carbon fiber body

    We covered one of Ringbrothers' more extreme SEMA builds yesterday, the De Tomaso Pantera-based ADRNLN, but if that well-executed but over-the-top Italian-American exotic is too much for you, then perhaps this Ring Brothers 1965 Ford Mustang fastback with a carbon-fiber body suits your tastes ...

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    SEMA: Ringbrothers ADRNLN Pantera is yellow, isn't mellow

    In the annals of automobile history, there have been many successful vehicles from small European automakers powered by good old-fashioned American V8 engines. Perhaps the most well-known of these Anglo-American mashups is the Shelby Cobra, but another model that figures prominently into the ...

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    Official: ADRNLN has Pantera bones with Nike skunkworks know-how [UPDATE]

    ADRNLN, the car pictured in the rendering above, is based on a 1971 De Tomaso Pantera that had seen better days. But in its transformation to its soon-to-be-revealed second act, Ringbrothers, a custom car shop and parts maker, and Nike's innovation skunkworks team have given the De Tomaso a new ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2010: Ring Brothers Mustangs are a beautiful pair of pony cars

    Ring Brothers Mustangs at Barrett-Jackson - Click above for high-res image gallery We've been fans of the Ring Brothers since we first laid eyes on their Reactor Mustang at the SEMA Show back in 2006. The quality of the materials used and the bespoke designs made it perhaps the most beautiful ...

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    SEMA 2009: Ringbrothers impress with 1964 Ford Fairlane "Afterburner"

    Ringbrothers 1964 Ford Fairlane "Afterburner" - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    After seeing some pretty incredible cars built by Ringbrothers over the past few years at SEMA, we couldn't have had higher expectations for their newest vehicle dubbed "Afterburner". Even so, we were ...

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    SEMA Preview: Adam Carolla unveiling latest Ringbrothers project - "Afterburner"

    Ringbrothers 1964 "Afterburner" Ford Fairlane - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    If you've followed our SEMA coverage the last few years then you've heard of the Ringbrothers. We've had a close eye on the talented siblings ever since the debut of their 1967 Reactor Mustang at the Roush ...

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    SEMA 2008: Ring Bros bring the goods once again with 1969 RAZOR Camaro

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Ring Brother's RAZOR Camaro We first heard of the Ring Brothers back in 2006 when they brought their REACTOR Mustang to the ROUSH booth. That car was nothing less than stunning, and we've made sure to check out any of their custom creations since then. On ...

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    ROUSH Reactor Mustang about to blow up at SEMA

    The only thing better than booth babes at the SEMA show in Las Vegas are the cars on which they're leaning. The OEMs along with the aftermarket crowd all populate their displays with the sickest rides imaginable, and we're just starting to get an idea what's in store for us this year. This morning, ...


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