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    Featured: Troubled traffic stops lead to anal probes, civil rights violations [w/videos]
    How The War On Drugs Has Led To Abusive Police Tactics 1393347600

    Amid the battle against illegal drugs, sometimes the most mundane of stops go horribly awry. In the early afternoon hours of January 2, 2013, a police officer pulled over David Eckert for allegedly failing to yield at a stop sign in the parking lot of a Walmart in Deming, NM. This was no ...

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    Supreme Court calls shotgun! Backs up passengers' rights

    Let's say you're riding in a car with someone who doesn't exactly heed the letter of the law. Or, hypothetically of course, imagine that you, the passenger, are the law-bender. Now, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, if the police stop your driver buddy for dodgy reasons, passengers are allowed the ...


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