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    Video: Watch hundreds of Peruvian motorists line runway to help emergency plane take off

    Life can be a little trickier in the remote villages of Peru. When doctors recently needed to fly a mother, her newborn child and a teenager all in need of emergency medical care from Contamana to a hospital in the middle of the night, the situation looked dire. The local airstrip that serves as ...

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    India's Rickshaw Challenge is lunacy on three wheels

    Any race that bills itself as, "As An Amazing Race For The Clinically Insane" had better be pretty special. Special like a 24 Hours of LeMons where all the drivers freebase psilocybin special. Good news – the Rickshaw Challenge seems to be just about that special. Serious: participants are ...

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    Tuk Tuk USA gets DOT and EPA approval

    Upon returning from a recent trip to Thailand, friends of ours related experiences of what it's like to travel on somewhat primitive roads in somewhat primitive vehicles. Disconcerting at first, but totally acceptable after a few trips prove that it's (relatively) safe. The vehicles of choice in ...

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    MINI Clubman Rickshaws running around Beijing

    Click above for more shots of the MINI Clubman RickshawsThe rickshaw is a time-honored method of transportation in China. While the vehicles were initially pulled around by men on foot, the pedal-powered versions have grown much more popular in recent years and are a symbol of Chinese culture. When ...


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