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    Wrecked Ferrari Enzo reborn as Bonneville Salt Flats racer?

    In a rebuilding job worthy of The Six Million Dollar Man, Richard Loosee's T-Top Ferrari Enzo destroyed in a 200-mile-per-hour shunt has been reborn to take on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Gone are the T-Tops, replaced by something just as outrageous: a set of turbos that will boost the Enzo's V12 ...

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    T-Top Enzo destroyed in high-speed crash

    UPDATE 1Remember the T-Top Ferrari Enzo owned by Richard Losee we featured awhile back? In a recent issue of Road and Track we read a piece penned by Losee himself describing how he cracked 200 mph in his ultra-rare Enzo. That was probably one of the last high-speed runs the Enzo experienced, as ...

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    The incredible Ferrari Enzo Targa

    As a disclaimer, we'll say up front that this custom Ferrari Enzo targa is not new news. After some research, we discovered a Road & Track article from November, 2005 that was written by the car's owner, Richard Losee. Mr. Losee's Enzo might be the most driven Enzo on earth, as at the time of ...


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