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9Barrett-Jackson 2010: Petty's Garage Dodge Challenger SRT8

Petty's Garage Custom 2009 Dodge Challenger - Click above for high-res image gallery

18First Petty's Garage Challenger heading to Barrett-Jackson

2009 Petty's Garage Dodge Challenger - Click above for high-res image gallery

14Respect Your Elders: Even Richard Petty stung by Chrysler's bankruptcy?

Richard Petty – quite possibly the best NASCAR racer of all time and the man in charge of Richard Petty Motorsports – says that Chrysler stopped paying his team after filing for bankruptcy last month. No surprise there. The lack of funds prompted RPM to lay off nine workers, although Petty is now saying there is hope that the automaker will soon work out some sort of deal to begin making payments once again now that it's clear of court proceedings.

15eBay Find of the Day: #43 Challenger auction has begun

We've seen the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 in Orange, Black and Silver now, but the most sought after color for the car's first model year will undoubtedly be Blue, or rather B5 Blue if you want to get technical. That's the color that adorns Challenger #43, a rolling tribute to Richard Petty that is currently up for auction on eBay Motors until Friday, February 22nd. The Smurfy hue is meant to replicate the Petty Blue, or Corporate Blue, that covered The King's race cars during his stock car raci

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