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8'Snake Oil' author says history should remind us of fracking's 'false promise'

At least one author is warning consumers not to be fooled by relatively steady gas prices and prognostications of plentiful petroleum. Richard Heinberg, in his book Snake Oil: How Fracking's False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future is warning people that any prediction that the world has staved off the prospect of diminishing returns on continued oil drilling is inaccurate, and that the recent increase in supply may merely accelerate the overall decline.

AddSo, what are you gonna do when peak oil hits?

Erik Curren wrote about a book that details our options in a post-carbon world in the Augusta Free Press, and that's where I first learned about Power Down, Richard Heinberg's 2004 book on the world after we run out of easy sources of carbon-based energy. Curren spoke with Heinberg recently and discovered that the author doubts that clean and renewable energy sources are "beefy enough" to power our industrial lifestyles.

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