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    Report: Wealthy Russians hiring ambulances to cut through Moscow traffic

    We're not sure how widespread the practice is, but the option is apparently out there: Russian police have discovered companies on the Internet offering rides in "ambulance-taxis" through notoriously bad Moscow traffic. For roughly 6,000 rubles per hour – about $193 US, which doesn't sound ...

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    What do billionaires drive? Same cars as the rest of us...

    If you had a net worth in the billions of dollars, what would you drive? A bright red Ferrari? The million-dollar Bugatti Veyron? The super-luxurious Maybach 62? How about one of each? You may be surprised to find out what Forbes' Top Ten richest people in the world are driving. Not an exotic ...

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    How about a $9,000 car wash?

    As another sign of just how different the wealthy live, Autoblog sibling Luxist posted a report from Guardian Unlimited about Paul Dalton and his car wash service, Miracle Detail. Dalton, according to the news source, charges over a staggering $9,000 for his top-of-the line Pinnacle car wash. The ...

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    New York Auto Show: Bentley drops top on 2007 Continental GTC

    The Bentley Boys have pulled the virtual sheet on their 2007 Continental GTC convertible. Based on the company's sensuous GT coupe, the new convertible will blow-dry hair all the way up to 195 mph, courtesy its V12 engine. Boasting AWD surety for foul weather (and getting all that power to ...


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