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    Mahindra trying to back away from another U.S. deal?

    After Mahindra notoriously backed out of a deal with a U.S. supplier, Compact pickup fans are still licking their wounds over the news that the company's trucks won't be coming to our shores anytime soon. As it turns out, Global Vehicles USA may not be the only American company to have been ...

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    Auto Expo 2010: Chevrolet e-Spark, an electric car for the average Indian car buyer

    Chevrolet e-Spark – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Reva NXG concept car looks aggressive, like it wants to hunt down anyone who says that all electric cars needs to look silly. The Chevrolet Spark concept, too, looks pretty darn good for a little car. The two companies are ...

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    REPORT: Indian firm Reva to build electric cars in upstate NY

    Sure, Syracuse, New York has the Carrier Dome, but if a pending deal between Indian electric car maker Reva and Long Island-based Bannon Automotive is finalized, the city may soon be known more for EV production. Bannon Automotive has been negotiating with India's Reva for months now, and the ...

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    Officially Official: Reva to help GM India develop EVs

    2011 Chevy Spark - Click above for a high res image gallery
    General Motors officially announced a deal with India's Reva that had been rumored for several weeks. The maker of Jeremy Clarkson's "favorite" car -- the G-Wiz -- will be partnering with GM India to co-develop electric vehicles for the ...

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    Frankfurt 2009: Reva NXG looks ready to stomp, NXR is ready for order

    Reva NXG - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The REVA Electric Car Company announced the price of the REVA NXR – which starts at 9,995 euros for the lead acid version with leased batteries – in Frankfurt today and also took the wraps off of the NXG (above), the company's next ...

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    REPORT: Electric Chevy Spark to get its fire from... Reva?

    2010 Chevy Spark - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Reva, the little electric car company from India whose product has withstood ridicule from the likes of automotive entertainer Jeremy Clarkson, seems to be working very hard of late to turn those jeers into cheers. Not only will it be ...

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    Frankfurt Preview: Reva to show next-gen EVs, remote wireless charging?

    Reva, the Indian company that builds Jeremy Clarkson's favorite car, the G-Wiz, is preparing for its second act next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The company will unveil two new upcoming models and a new charging technology. The first of the new models is the NXR, and it is billed as a four ...


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