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    Opinion: Retro Design: A distant memory [w/poll]

    Just Fade Away Designers prefer the loftier sounding "heritage design." A cursory look at the latest offerings from auto manufacturers in both production and showcar guise reveals that retro design themes may be on their way out. It's ironic that the hottest design trend opening the 21st ...

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    Report: Next Ford Mustang to ditch retro look in favor of futuristic Evos styling?

    Matt Ramsey from The Wall Street Journal claims that the next-generation Ford Mustang will be ditching its '60s-inspired retro styling. Citing people familiar with Ford's plans who have seen the new Mustang, Ramsey claims the new model will look more like the 2013 Fusion and be a dead ringer for ...

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    Video: Is this the world's first flying car drive-in?

    Once upon a time ice cream was delivered in trucks to happy buyers. Then the people drove to the ice cream shop with curbside service. But back in those wonder years, the dream was that one day we'd zip over to the soda fountain in flying cars. Though people have never stopped trying to make a ...

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    Video: 'Yesterday's Cars of Tomorrow' makes us nostalgic for a future that never was

    Going back to the future in automotive design – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Think today's concept cars – like the ones recently unveiled at the currently ongoing Geneva Motor Show – are off the wall? They ain't got nothin' on what American automakers and ...

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    REPORT: Fiat 500 may come to U.S. for 2010 (sorry Canada)

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Fiat 500
    If some hot new rumors are correct, this week's Chrysler-Fiat tie-up could start to bear some very shiny and round fruit surprisingly soon. According to Motor Trend editor Todd Lassa, Fiat's cuddly 500 is being discussed for possible fast-tracking ...

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    Herpa toys with idea of Trabant revival

    Click to view in our high-resolution image gallery If you were born on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, the Trabant should need no introduction. Ditto if you're a U2 fan. The notorious little sedan, nicknamed "Trabi", was made in East Germany and exported around the world, mostly inside the ...

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    n2a takes GM retro to the extreme with 789, Wildcat and 5-to-1

    click above image to view high-res gallery of n2a's entire lineupWe've seen the works of n2a (no two alike) around, most recently at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. This bespoke coach builder will take a Chevy Corvette or Kappa car and completely reskin it to create a head-turning fusion of retro ...

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    Porsche's Martini Racing collection leaves us stirred, not shaken

    Martini Racing is easily among the most iconic motorsport sponsors of all time. Their instantly recognizable dark-blue, light-blue and red striping have appeared on Fords, Alfas, Lancias and just about everything else on the track, in the dirt and in the water. After several years' hiatus, the ...

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    Future Classic: Dodge Colt

    With the rise of the import trend, we're seeing Musclecar-era Japanese rides attain some of the same cachet as domestic iron from the same time. Funny, they didn't strike us this way at the time, but looking at them now, they're like three-quarter scale models of the Big Three's offerings. There ...

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    UPDATE: Mercury logo plans

    These are the issues that define our times. Forget the volatile price and supply of oil, an economy teetering between robust growth and rampant inflation, worldwide strife. What really matters is whether Mercury will make a change from the "waterfall" stylized M logo to something more retro. Well, ...

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    Looking backward, moving forward: reviving Borgward

    The resurrection of buried car brands has become a very fashionable business these days, especially with German companies. BMW has obviously found success with the new MINI; Mercedes-Benz a little less so with the eccentric Maybach; while the VW Group brought back Bugatti like a phoenix from the ...

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    Jaguar surprises dealers with peek of new S-Type

    Jaguar invited some of its dealers to the launch of the new XKR and surprised them with a private unveiling of the new S-Type sedan. Ford has been feeding rumors that the new S-Type's styling will be a major breakthrough for the brand, and reaction to the sneak peek at Jaguar's four-door feline ...

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    What comes next for the Chrysler PT Cruiser?

    Peter Valdes-Dapena has penned a nice piece examining Chrysler's options for the next PT Cruiser. It's an interesting question, as Valde-Dapena notes, because no retro vehicle has ever been substantially redesigned. Like the recent refreshening of the Volkswagen New Beetle, Chrysler's redo of the ...

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    What to do with the PT Cruiser?

    Automotive News had a chat with Chrysler execs about the next PT Cruiser, which is causing the company some sleepless nights. What do you do next with such a unique vehicle, so strongly steeped in retro cues? The car, which debuted in 2001 and has only had a small refresh since, may go on the new ...

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    Will playing the "American card" save the domestics?

    If you look at what’s hot right now, American muscle is in and Ford, the German-owned Chrysler Group and General Motors are cashing in. The Ford Mustang and Chrysler 300 not only look like they drove out of a different decade, they also have the same rear-wheel drive layout and slab-sided ...


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