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    Ford's Way Forward: it's a long and winding road

    As recent financial results have shown, reviving Ford Motor's North American operations is about more than just downsizing production capacity and increasing efficiency. Disappointing sales results are focusing the spotlight increasingly on Ford's promises of new, innovative products.Ford is in a ...

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    VW considering moving some production to Mexico

    Another indication of the complexity of the globalized auto industry came Monday with the news that Volkswagen is considering moving Passat production for the North American market to its facility in Mexico.The reason for the move is currency issues, specifically a declining U.S. dollar and a ...

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    Ford changes forecast, expects 2006 global market share to drop

    Ford Motor Co. isn't as optimistic as it was a few months ago. In a new filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the company announced on Tuesday that it was lowering its worldwide market share prediction for 2006, saying it is likely market share will decline for the year. ...

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    Delphi ignores UAW contract, advertises for $10-an-hour workers

    Apparently ignoring the terms of its UAW contract, Delphi has posted this ad for hourly workers at its Athens, Alabama steering systems plant:April 21: Delphi Steering Systems, Athens, AL has employment opportunities for the following positions: Production and Machine Operators Manufacturing ...

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    VW battles German unions, Pieschetsrieder battles for job

    Volkswagen chief executive Bernd Pischetsrieder is between a rock and a hard place. Saying "there is no alternative" to cutting jobs and costs at its loss-making German plants, Pischetsrieder is also battling a board divided between shareholder representatives and the labor leaders who ...

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    Fired Ford employee rants on eBay

    How can something be so funny and so sad at the same time? A former Ford engineer who was left behind when the company announced its “Way Forward” plan resorted to posting an eBay auction for his Dual Alarm Clock that he won’t be needing anymore. Though the wake-up device helped ...

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    Ford's 'Way Forward'? Not if the UAW has anything to say about it...

    The verdict on Ford's second crack at a turnaround plan this decade are coming in fast and furious from all the usual suspects, including magazine editors, stockholders, armchair quarterbacks, and of course, the United Auto Workers. In fact, the UAW's response came as swiftly as ...


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