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    Will there be anything left? Tulsa Belvedere set to be de-rusted

    The SS Belvedere emerged from its not-so-dry-dock almost two months ago, in all its ferrous oxide glory. Apparently the offer of restoration by Boyd Coddington has either been refused or rescinded, but either way, the Mopar is headed to New Jersey for a spa treatment. Safest Rust Remover, a product ...

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    Barn Find: '55 Benz Gullwing

    While the rest of us dream about things like that long-since-departed puppy we had as a child or Angelina Jolie in somethin' skimpy, classic car collectors dream of the barn find: a forgotten classic automobile sitting in a barn somewhere for decades, just waiting to be discovered. For some lucky ...

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    RR of the Day: Billy the Kid's '67 Mustang

    Nearly all of us can remember when we first got bit by the auto bug while working on the family truckster with our pops. While my father and I spent some time together replacing the head gasket on a Pontiac 6000, Flickr member Billy the Kid spent what must have been three glorious months in 1996 ...

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    eBay helps to reunite '67 Camaro SS with rightful owner

    In 2002, Matt Frame's 1967 Camaro SS was stolen from outside his hotel room. Losing such a wonderful car is bad enough, but sentimental reasons meant that the vehicle was truly irreplaceable. Purchased as a $1,000 basket case while Matt was in high school, the restoration was a father-son ...

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    eBay find of the day: 1951 Studebaker Champion

    Autoblog reader Phez turned us on to this 1951 Studebaker Champion... and boy, does it look like it could prove the old adage that restoring a car is a labor of love. The odometer reads a repectable 56,600 and the engine is an inline 6-cylinder, so if the mechanical stuff runs right it ...


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