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Elon Musk confirmed it's on, so feel free to explore the options priced between $80k and $150k.

The Tesla Model X configurator is about to go live. For everyone.

Volkswagen's pre-order program for the first 500 units of the 2015 Golf R to enter the US was a smashing success. It took less than 11 hours for all of them to be reserved. The only option for prospective customers now is to get on a waiting list or wait for the hot hatch's wider release.

If you want to be the first person on your block with Volkswagen's latest Golf R parked in your garage, you need to clear some time from your schedule on January 8. VW is opening the pre-order books for the first 500 Stateside examples, complete with some nifty accessories.

Consider it Tesla Motors' hoi-polloi concession, sort of. The California-based maker of the all-electric Model S has cut the reservation price on the sedan in half. That means, while the starting price on the Model S remains a still-substantial $62,400 (and it can jump up pretty quickly from there to north of $100,000 with various goodies), folks can at least get in line for one for $2,500.

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