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39Yes, Porsche Design has made its own Blackberry

While its styling has refined over successive generations, you don't buy a Porsche for how it looks. You buy one for how it works. And the same could be said of a BlackBerry. The favorite communications tool of businesspeople worldwide and a number of private consumers as well, the BlackBerry is – like a Porsche – more about function than form. Leave it to Porsche Design, then, to up its style factor.

8RIM and BMW collaborate on iDrive-controlled BlackBerry integration [w/video]

BMW iDrive BlackBerry connectivity – Click above to view the video after the jump

3RIM's latest acquisition could bring Blackberry integration to the automobile

Ask the average auto enthusiast what RIM stands for and they'll probably think of wheels. To gadget freaks, however, it's shorthand for Research In Motion, the Canadian electronics company behind the Blackberry. Those two worlds could be heading on a collision course, however, if the latest corporate acquisition is any indication.

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