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research and development

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    Report: Hyundai to build test facility at Nürburgring

    It looks as if Hyundai is set to build a test facility at the famous Nürburgring. Carscoop reports the Korean automaker has commenced construction on a 10,000-square-foot test center with access to the lengthy German track. Hyundai says the $7.3 million facility will help the company focus ...

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    Report: Honda to rely on racing efforts to woo back enthusiasts?

    A scan of recent Honda headlines shows a corporate entity that you'd think few people, and even fewer CEOs, would complain about: in spite of the odd recall, Honda sales are up, it tops an ALG survey on perceived quality, has excellent relations with suppliers, was granted the right to alter its ...

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    Report: GM to axe 100 R&D positions

    General Motors has confirmed it will cut 100 research and development positions at its Warren, Michigan, Technical Center and will close another R&D lab in Bangalore, India. The cuts are about a 25-percent reduction in the Warren facility and are part of a "global restructuring." "These moves ...

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    Report: Toyota retools development process with goal of creating more exciting cars

    These days, most Toyota models are about as likely to get your pulse up as the latest hardware from Frigidaire. But it wasn't always so. There was a time when Toyota counted itself among the world's sports car manufacturers with vehicles like the Supra, Celica All Trac and MR-2. Those two-doors ...

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    Report: Porsche looking to hire 300 engineers in 2012

    Porsche is investing heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the company's impressive sales growth. Automotive News reports the German automaker is spending more than 10 percent of its revenue on research and development. That figure comes from Wolfgang Hatz, Porsche's head of ...

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    Report: VW ranks #1 in R&D spending

    Time. Patience. Grit. Determination. It will take all of these and more if Volkswagen is to succeed in its quest to become the world's largest and most profitable automaker. But there's one more thing it's going to require: money. Lots and lots of spending money. Seamus McElroy from Autoline ...

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    Hyundai opens Indian R&D facility to develop small cars

    Over the past decade, Hyundai has rapidly moved up into the top echelon of the worlds automakers and part of its success has come from better tailoring its cars to local needs. To help in that respect, the South Korean company has opened a network of technical centers in the regions where it does ...

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    Toyota opens second facility in Michigan, adds 400 jobs

    Michigan has been begging for good news from the auto industry lately, and the Great Lakes state got some from a company that was once considered public enemy number one. Toyota has officially opened a brand new $187 million technical center in York Township that will provide 400 more jobs to the ...


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