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rescue squad

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    Official: Chevrolet using Service Squad Silverado for roadside repairs during Woodward Dream Cruise

    Owning and driving an older vehicle requires a certain amount of faith. You need to believe somewhere deep down inside of yourself that you're going to get where you're going without erupting into a ball of flame, getting run down by the Suburban-wielding soccer mom on her cell phone in the next ...

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    Official: Mercedes-Benz showcases SLS AMG ambulance concept at emergency vehicle expo

    Retasking a supercar as a pace car for a racing series has almost become standard fare. We've even seen the odd exotic commissioned to serve as a police car. But as an ambulance? Of all the vehicles that could fit the task, the supercar might seem the least likely, but Mercedes-Benz is evidently ...

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    Car and Driver's newest project car: The Ambivalence. So what should they do with it?

    You want to know what car guys do in the Midwest? Look above. That's the Ambivalence. In another dimension, it was a mild-mannered Ford Econoline E-350 ambulance doing laps in "Northern Ohio meth-country." Car and Driver, claiming to be seeking nothing more than "a cheap diesel," took possession ...

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    PSA: Proper break-in techniques for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    Luxury automobiles are all about insulating owners and their select company from the din of the outside world. That's why many automakers have increasingly been turning to double-pane glass in high-end automobiles, as it affords a quieter interior and improved thermal efficiency. One thing ...

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    Toyota recalling 76k minivans in Japan

    Toyota of Japan is calling over 73,000 minivans and 3,000 ambulances back to its dealerships to rectify a brake problem. The recall, which covers some nine different models stems from potentially defective front propeller shafts (inadequate heatproofing) to brake booster issues. The minivan ...


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