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    Buy a brand new Jag XK120 C for $133,000

    Proteus, maker of hand-crafted replicas of bygone sports cars, is coming to America. Recently purchased by Enduro Cars, Proteus plans to restart production of its carbon copy Jaguar XK120 C -- the record-breaking Le Mans-conquering roadster -- that you'll be able to purchase for $133.000.In ...

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    Mustang-based Aston Vanquishes other replicas

    Click on the images to view in high resolution In our day-to-day, we come across a fair number of replicars. Some are especially convincing, while others are just plain bonkers. Far more so than the Miata-based AMX07 we brought you back in 2006, this Aston Martin V12 Vanquish replica could have ...

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    VIDEO: 240Z-based Ferrari 250 GTO replica

    click above image to view video With far more people wanting Ferraris than those who can actually afford one, replicas based on lesser donor cars are nothing new. Some are more convincing than others, and while we'd recommend a nice Corvette over a faux-rarri, once in a while there's an example ...

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    A project car on a blogging budget: Autoblog Project Edsel

    The recreational car show season is about two-thirds of the way done for 2007, at least here in New England. There will be good cruise days sprinkled in until about Halloween, but as the summer winds down, so does the practice of four-wheeled gatherings. Every year as I stroll past rows of shiny ...

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    Porrera: Beetle-based faux 911

    I like Bugs. I like Porsches. Not together. Taking a historical bent, you could draw a line from the Porsche 911 back to the Volkswagen Beetle without it having too many kinks and corners in it. The flip side of that relationship is that while there are some similarities in the broad-strokes sense, ...

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    eBay find of the day: RX-7-based Jaguar E-type replica

    click the pic above to see a gallery of 17 shotsDouble sacrilege, or sincere tribute? We sincerely love Mazda's RX-7, yet we've also got a place in our hearts for E-Type Jaguars. We're a little sad to see that a 1985 RX-7 was sacrificed to create this very convincing E-Type replica, but maybe we ...

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    Vintage replicas, new management

    A bunch of guys are sitting around at the local watering hole, throwing back a couple cold ones, and they get to talking. It's the usual, familiar scene. 'If I had my own sports car company, I'd do it all different.' 'That Russian kid who bought TVR doesn't know what he's doing.' 'Why can't anyone ...

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    Replica mutt: Nissan 280Z-based Ferrari 250 GTO, with a BMW V12

    When you read about gearhead guys -- like the kind who put two engines in an Integra -- it's like, "What else is new?" But when you read about gearhead gals, especially the kind who have created the car you see above, it's like, "Uh ... call me." Michelle bought a 1977 280Z on eBay that had been ...

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    Intrepid Chinese make their own Jeep Wrangler

    Click the pic above to see a galleryThis faux Jeep gets a pass, because it comes out looking so close to the real thing, though Jeep faithful will likely pick it to pieces. Pieces is how the story begins, with a Bejing Jeep 2020 that has a tryst with a Sawz-all. Predictably, the 2020 gets all ...

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    Fun things to do with your MR2: Ferrari 360 replica

    click the pic above to view a galleryWhy is it that people feel the need to saddle perfectly good cars with replica bodywork to make them look like exotics? There's nothing wrong with the last generation Toyota MR2, true, it's no Ferrari, but then again, you can buy an entire MR2 for very much less ...

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    Car Costume: Audi 90 Quattro becomes Audi 90 IMSA GTO

    Old Audis are cool, and old racing Audis are even cooler. A Swedish Audi fanatic seems to think so, too, and has gone to extreme lengths to transform a workaday Audi 90 into the IMSA GTO version of that car. Not wanting to go the stripe-and-bodykit route, this Audi's flares were painstakingly ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: General Zee Camaro not even John Schneider could love

    Look away, look away, look away, Dixie Land!Some things are just unnatural, and should never be attempted. Does the paint job give this car any pop-culture cred via osmosis? Yes, yes, calling it the "General Zee" displays a modicum of wit, but we can't condone trying to splice in cool with a paint ...

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    How many special edition Mustangs is too much? Meet the Miastang

    click above for more images of the M1Stang "Miastang"One could argue that the Mazda Miata has become our generation's Pontiac Fiero. We've seen the Miata become the kit car du jour in the form of a BMW Z3 and Aston Martin, but this conversion may take the cake. Though we have dubbed this car the ...

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    Man builds Chitty Chitty Bang Bang replica "dream car" for wife

    It's nice to see romance flourishing in this increasingly jaundiced world. Nick Pointing's wife, Carolyn, fell in love with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the tender age of three. She'd already accumulated quite the collection of Chitty memorabilia when Nick and Carolyn struck upon the idea to build a ...

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    Virginia adds replica car category to title process

    Beginning on July 1, kit/replica/component car buyers in Virginia will be able to title their vehicles in a different way. It seems the Virginia General Assembly has approved a new law allowing these vehicles to be registered as whatever model year the replica represents. The big advantage there ...

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    Recently acquired Proteus to debut Jaguar C-Type Coupe replica

    Proteus is a well respected manufacturer of replica sports cars based in the U.K. It currently offers convertible versions of the Jaguar C-Type (pictured at right) and D-Type that are near spot-on doppelgangers of the originals. Much has been happening in Proteus' world lately, as the company was ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: Special edition Corvettes

    click image above or images below to view new live shots of these exclusive CorvettesGeneral Motors unveiled a pair of special edition Corvettes at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday, both of which commemorate the Vette's involvement in motorsports. The Ron Fellows ALMS GT1 Champion Corvette Z06 and ...

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    Yes, it plays "Dixie" -- General Lee replica on eBay

    Are General Lee replicas anything new? No. Are they cool-as-all-get-out? Yes. And such is the case with the one you see above. An intrepid tipster forwarded us the link to this eBay baby, and we promptly began digging under the sofa cushions at Autoblog central command to see if we could scratch ...

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    Best Halloween costume ever: Have your engine go as a Lambo V12

    You've spent the past couple of years and untold thousands of dollars turning your late-model Corvette into what you REALLY wanted but couldn't quite afford, a Lamborghini. The car has all the outrageously over-the-top styling you could ever hope for with the bulletproof Chevy small block giving ...

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    Fan goes batty transforming 1978 Corvette to Batmobile

    If you ever wondered, like Jack Nicholson's Joker, where Batman got his wonderful toys, we may have found your answer. "Super Genius" Mark Shield created this bat-winged, torched tailed replica of the Batmobile used in the 1989 movie from a 1978 Corvette. Except for a $50,000 asking price and ...


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