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    Report: Pep Boys targets women, finds they don't like to be lied to

    Pep Boys, the auto parts and service chain where your 17-year-old self got those hideous clear taillights for your first car, is set for a massive rebranding effort that will see it focus even more heavily on personal service. Called "Road Ahead," the new program has kicked off in 70 of the ...

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    Crumple zones save lives ... and hide damage

    A study by AutoBild reveals that modern crumple zones can actually hide serious damage to a car's structural integrity because of the way they're designed. There are two issues: the first is that crumple zones don't just deform in the case of an accident, they are now constructed to bounce back ...

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    Diesel mixup does major damage at gas station

    We can't imagine how many safeguards had to be ignored and incompetent people employed to allow such a thing to happen, but somehow last Wednesday a Super Petroleum gas station (no pic available, generic station at right) in Holbrook, MA had its underground tank for regular unleaded accidentally ...


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