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    Geneva Preview: More details on Alpina B6 GT3 come to light

    Click on the image above for a high-res gallery of the Alpina B6 GT3
    More images and details of Alpina's B6 GT3 racer have hit the web, and it looks like despite spending two decades away from motorsports, there are no flies on the leading Bimmer tuning haus.Based on BMW's 6-Series coupe, the B6 ...

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    Politico? Mafioso? RENNtech has an armored Merc S-class for you

    Defensively, the S600 Guard has got you covered: B6/B7 armor that stops standard military-grade small-arms fire, grenade, shrapnel, and explosive device protection, run-flat tires, self-sealing fuel-tank, and integrated fire-extinguishing system. Offensively, however, as any tuner would tell you, ...

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    Faster 4: the Hamann Z4 M Coupe Renn Taxi

    Click above image for high-res gallery Hamann, the same German aftermarket house that created a 673-hp Ferrari 599, has turned its tuning attentions to a milder coupe, BMW's Z4 M. The result is the Hamann Z4 M Coupe Renn Taxi. They haven't posted the specs, but it looks like a car made for people ...


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