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162013 Tesla Model R rendered, maybe

Back in June, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk was out and about trying to convince investment bankers to buy the stock in his company at the initial offering price, one of the slides in his presentation deck showed some thumbnail images of the Model S and the currently planned follow-on models.

2Rendered Speculation: A look at what the BMW "i10" Megacity might look like

Come 2013, we know that BMW will launch a sub-brand called Megacity that will consist of battery electric vehicles aimed at urban use. We have no real idea what the first Megacity car will look like, but someone has taken a crack at trying to figure it out.

AddRendered Speculation: Pondering what an electric Audi R4 roadster would look like

At last month's Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi board member Michael Dick confirmed that a production version of the electric eTron sports car concept would be produced by late 2012. Following the show, Audi NA president Johan de Nysschen confirmed that announcement and now AutoExpress has produced a rendering of a production model. However, there appears to be some details lost in the translation. The eTron is based on the aluminum space frame of the R8 while AE says the R4 will be a smaller roadste

4Rendered Speculation: Injecting excitement into Toyota with a Prius Coupe

Rumors of a Prius coupe from Toyota have been floating around for at least a couple of years – to no avail. However, now that new Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has decreed that Toyota needs some excitement in its lineup, and Honda has announced that the production CR-Z coupe will debut this fall, a real Prius coupe may finally gain some momentum. A new rendering that has popped in Japan shows a hybrid coupe with more resemblance to the new Hyundai Genesis coupe than any current Toyota.

3Rendered Speculation: MINI Speedster, chop the windshield, drop the back seat!

One of the few brands to show any growth in 2008 was MINI, thanks to a combination of high fuel economy and fun to drive characteristics. The MINI convertible, in particular, is a fun sunny day conveyance. However, the back seat of the MINI is so small that it's virtually useless.

3Rendered speculation: Audi E1 electric micro car

When the Volkswagen Group starts building its "new small family" NSF micro cars in a couple of years, there will be variants for most of its mainstream brands. That includes Audi, which is likely to use the ultra compact platform to kick off a new E series of models starting with the E1. The E1 will be built with other NSF models at Volkswagen's Bratislava, Slovakia factory.

4Rendered Speculation: Return of the Smart ForFour?

Earlier this decade, Smart decided to expand it's lineup with the addition of aroadster based on the original two-seat city car and a four-door, four-seat model. The ForFour was based on a front-engine, front drive Mitsubishi platform rather than the rear engine ForTwo architecture. AutoExpress is reporting that Smart may be getting ready to introduce a new four-seat variant, this time based on a stretched version of the existing model. The so-called ForTwo + 2 would be meant to compete more di

1Rendered speculation: Wired puts together the Tesla Model S

It'll be another month before Tesla officially pulls the cover off the Model S, but Wired Had their in-house photoshopper Holl Liou take a crack at rendering the car. Tesla has sent out two teaser shots so far (1, 2) and Liou has used the enhanced version of the most recent shot to provide a roof-line to the original image. The roof-line of the rendering is a no-brainer, the only real questions that remain are the tail and the front view of the nose.

8Rendered Speculation: 2011 Nissan Versa

Nissan's smallest car in the U.S. market is the Versa and it's due for a refresh. That new design is expected to appear in 2010 and will be built on the same platform that French partner Renault uses for the Megane. Like the current Versa, it will apparently be coming in both four-door sedan and five-door hatch flavors. Also coming from the French side of the family will likely be some engines. Like those from many other automakers, these are expected to follow the path of smaller displacement a

AddRendered speculation: SEAT may get its own variant of BlueSport roadster

It looks like there may be at least three different variations of the mid-engine roadster that Volkswagen introduced at the Detroit Auto Show last week. The concept BlueSport is based on a new modular architecture Volkswagen is developing that will allow for multiple configurations. If the car is approved for production, an Audi-badged R4 variant will definitely be part of the program. Rounding things out may be a SEAT-branded model. The group's Spanish division would likely use the same 180 hp

10Rendered Speculation: Honda to intro A-segment car, challenge, iQ, up!, smart

The smallest Honda we can currently get here in North America is the B-segment Fit. Back in Japan however, Honda has always offered smaller A-segment and the even smaller 660cc Kei-class cars. These have not been available outside of Japan but that could soon change. Honda will apparently be introducing an A-segment model to challenge the Toyota iQ, Volkswagen up! and Hyundai i10. There's still no word on whether the new mini will make it to the US. We'll probably have to wait and see whether th

1Rendered Speculation: 2010 Hyundai Sonata

Last month at the LA Auto Show, Hyundai America CEO John Krafcik told us that the 2010 Hyundai Sonata will debut next November in LA with the hybrid version coming the following year. Weight reduction will be a major part of the new Sonata program. A speculative rendering has turned up of what the new Sonata might look like. Hyundai hasn't given us any hints about the car's design, but this drawing looks plausible. It draws heavily on the new Genesis sedan with a lower sleeker roof-line that loo

AddRendered speculation: Fiesta-based Ford B-Max mini-MPV

Over in Europe, when drivers hear the words "Ford Fusion" they get a very different image from the four-door mid-sized sedan sold in North America. The Euro Fusion is a tall wagon, mini-mpv based on the previous generation Fiesta small car. Now that the new Fiesta is rolling off the assembly lines, the Fusion is set to be replaced as well. The new model will follow the nomenclature of Ford's other MPVs with the name B-Max. The B-Max is expected to debut in 2010 with styling that takes on the bes

4Rendered speculation: 2011 Ford Focus, kinetic design evolved

Ford announced earlier this year that all of its future cars would be common between the U.S. and Europe starting with the Fiesta and the next-generation Focus. The Fiesta will arrive in early 2010, with the Focus coming later in the year. The Focus will be built on an updated version of the C1 platform that's used on the current Euro Focus and the Mazda3. German magazine Auto Bild has a rendering of what they think the new Focus will look like. Ford NA design boss Peter Horbury has said future

3Rendered speculation: Road&Track gives their take on Tesla Model S

The December issue of Road & Track should be turning up on magazine racks and in mailboxes momentarily including a segment on new and future cars. Parts of it have already turned up online including this rendering of what they think the Tesla Model S will look like. Unfortunately, the reality of actually laying out, print and shipping paper magazines mean that they the content was generated weeks or months ahead of last week's announcements at Tesla.

5Rendered Speculation: Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the most fuel efficient gas-powered car in this land was a version of the Honda CR-X. Back in the day, the CR-X was a small two-seat coupe based on the Civic and the HF flavor got EPA numbers of 41/50 mpg. Ever since the CR-X mutated into the now deceased Del Sol, fans of the original runabout have wished for a revival. Last year, Honda showed a concept called the CR-Z which harkened back to the original and Honda has since confirmed that a production vers

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