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"I prefer to do Formula E and the ambassador role, which I'm happy with," says Alain Prost, confirming that he has no plans to join an F1 team in any major role.

Renault revealed its new F1 challenger and confirmed Kevin Magnussen for the race seat as part of its comprehensive racing plan for 2016, bringing Infiniti back along for the ride in the process.

See what would happen if the French police converted the GT-R-powered RS 01 racer into a highway pursuit vehicle in this video from Renault Sport.

The French government is investigating models from Ford, Mercedes, and Renault for producing excessive emissions.

The Renault Zoe was Europe's most popular EV in 2015, and the French automaker saw its overall sales in the segment jump 49 percent over 2014. EVs still represent a tiny portion of overall European auto purchases.

Renault-Nissan takes a look at the Chinese EV market in this clip and shows why the country could lead the world in green vehicles by 2020.

Currently No Evidence of Defeat Devices

French investigators searched Renault's offices in an emissions probe, and investors reacted by dumping the company's stock. Renault explained there was no evidence of emissions defeat devices on its vehicles and no need to panic.

Neither GT nor prototype, the Renaultsport RS 01 defies classification. So to see what it's all about, Evo took a few laps in the purpose-built racer at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

The company claims it will offer these systems to customers around the world at affordable prices in major markets like the US, Europe, Japan, and China.

Word has it that Renault will call Alain Prost up from Formula E to run its newly reacquired F1 team, bringing the four-time world champion back into the big leagues.

Team principal Christian Horner candidly said Red Bull will tread water next season, but he's confident it will rise again.

Renault didn't have to pay much to reacquire the Lotus F1 Team from Genii Capital, but it comes saddled with a mountain of debt.

We Whir Around San Francisco In Renault-Nissan's Tiny EV Wonder

Nissan imports the Renault Twizy EV and partners with Scoot in San Francisco for a new kind of car sharing. We take the weird little machine for a drive.

Want to know who makes the fastest compact hot hatch? According to Sport Auto, it's Renaultsport with the latest Clio RS 220 Trophy, which clocked a Nürburgring lap time of 8 minutes and 23 seconds.

The members of the Renault-Nissan Alliance have taken measures to keep one from interfering in the governance of the other - and to limit the influence of the French government on both.

Company Touts EV Leadership, Patents

French automaker deploys 200 electric vehicles to shuttle Paris convention delegates during COP21.

Jedlix Comes Up With A Clever Charging App That Can Use 15% Less Energy

Renault and Eneco have signed a deal to implement a new smart charging app for the Zoe electric hatchback that will help it charge at the optimal time of day.

Red Bull will contest the 2016 Formula One World Championship once again under Renault power, but this time the engines will be rebranded by new timekeeping partner TAG Heuer.

Renault is returning to Formula One next season as a constructor, re-acquiring the team currently known as Lotus.

Nissan is getting some unexpected assistance from its Japanese labor union in its ongoing battle with the French government.

Monsoon rains have inundated the southeastern Indian city of Chennai, forcing a number of the city's automakers to suspend production.

Red Bull says it has secured an engine deal for 2016 but won't name the supplier. Speculation is that the team will use Renault engines it develops in-house.

According to a new study from DUH and the ICCT, Renault may have cheated on emissions tests for the Espace diesel minivan, which may produce 25 times the legal limit for noxious emissions.

Even without an engine supplier in place, Red Bull Racing is preparing to return to the Formula One grid next season. But under whose motivation, at this point, we still don't know.

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