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10Opel Vivaro is a tidy Euro package hauler

This is the Opel Vivaro, and as much as it may look like a rebadged Nissan NV200, it isn't (it's quite a bit bigger). Instead, it's a rebadged Nissan Primastar, which in turn is a Renault Trafic. Weird family links aside, this is the all-new, second-generation Vivaro, which Opel originally launched in 2001.

23Renault reveals new Trafic cargo van

Head over to Europe and you're bound to see this van scurrying about. Only you might not recognize it. That's because this product of a joint venture between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and General Motors is sold under four different nameplates: by Vauxhall and Opel as the Vivaro, by Nissan as the Primastar and by Renault as the Trafic.

AddRenault increases biodiesel lineup with two B30 light commercial vehicles

Renault is embracing alternative fuel vehicles with talk of an electric car with Nissan by 2010 and offering new biofuel vehicles. In Europe, Renault has introduced two new biodiesel light commercial vehicles, the Trafic and the Master, which are now available with B30-compatible engines. Next spring an E85-capable 1.6-liter 16v 110 hp version of Megane will be hitting the streets.

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