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    Beijing: Renault says very little about its new Talisman sedan

    The breadth and scope of the Chinese car market has ballooned to such an extent that it makes sense for many foreign automakers to design cars specifically for China. Case in point: the new Renault Talisman. Instead of building the Talisman in China through a joint venture, manufacturing is ...

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    Official: Renault makes new Koleos sound sweeter with top-spec Bose edition

    Typically, Bose sound systems are found in higher-end automobiles. The Renault Koleos stands as a new exception to that convention, however. Because while the Korean-made crossover is a distinctly more budget-oriented proposition than its costlier counterparts, the top-of-the-line model with the ...

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    Official: Renault rolls out full details on new Samsung SM7

    You may recognize the name Samsung for its electronics. Maybe even some home appliances. But cars? The Korean industrial giant produces a line of automobiles for domestic consumption in collaboration with Renault. Together, they make a range of sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers, and this is the ...

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    Official: Renault fully unveils updated Koleos crossover

    This is not a Porsche Cayenne, but something told us you already knew that. What you're looking at is the new Renault Koleos. But the French softroader is available in Cayenne Orange, as pictured above. Hmm. Previewed in the initial leaked images we brought you late last week, Renault has now ...

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    Renault previews facelifted Koleos in India

    That the Renault/Dacia Duster has reached the Indian market may be news for the Indian automotive scene, but is hardly of consequence to American readers, or really to anyone outside of India. What is of more international importance, however, is what was previewed at the Duster's unveiling in ...

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    Renault Samsung previews new SM7 [w/video]

    Start naming Korean automakers. Ready? Go! Okay, there's Hyundai, of course. And its sister company Kia. Daewoo's been taken over entirely by GM. That's it, right? Almost. Don't forget Renault Samsung. The French automaker produces its own line of vehicles in South Korea in partnership with ...

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    REPORT: Penske talking to Renault to supply vehicles to Saturn

    Remember the rumor that Roger Penske is looking to bring Renault back to America via his recently-procured network of Saturn dealerships? Consider it a rumor no more, as the deed has been confirmed by none other than Renault's chief operating officer Patrick Pelata, who said in a recent ...

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    REPORT: Samsung looks to be most likely supplier to a Penske-owned Saturn

    As the bidding to take over over the Saturn brand from General Motors nears its conclusion, it looks increasingly likely that Roger Penske will walk away with the "prize." Regardless of who takes control, all Penske is slated to receive is a network of dealers and a brand name. GM has already ...

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    Gulf Partner: Renault's Persian-market, Maxima-based Safrane

    Click above to view the Renault Safrane in high resolution The Persian Gulf is fast becoming a demanding market for luxury automobiles. So demanding, in fact, that some automakers have begun creating special models just for consumption there. Just days ago we brought you news that Rolls-Royce, ...


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