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    Study: Consumer Reports says infotainment systems 'growing first-year reliability plague'
    Lexus And Toyota Continue Up Top, Lincoln Most Improved, Infiniti Loses Out 1414440120

    The Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Survey (right) is out, and the top two spots look much the same as last year's list with Lexus and Toyota in first and second place, respectively. However, there are some major shakeups for 2014, with Acura plunging eight spots from third in 2013 to ...

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    Report: 1 in 5 vehicles has been recalled this year

    2014 will forever be known as the year of the recalls. General Motors has been the biggest culprit, with over 70 recalls to date, but there have been plenty of other notable recalls competing for our attention. Now, CNN Money is reporting that 2014 has seen a total of 544 recalls, or about two a ...

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    Report: Consumer Reports' first motorcycle reliability report finds Japanese brands ahead

    Consumer Reports has released its first ever study of motorcycle reliability, and students of its ratings on cars might notice a suspicious similarity - Japanese brands require fewer repairs than the leading American or German brands. The study analyzed the reliability of 4,680 bikes owned by CR ...

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    Study: Hyundai tops Toyota in annual CarMD Vehicle Health Index

    CarMD has released its third annual Vehicle Health Index, which for the 2013 tracked the frequency and cost of repairs for "check engine" problems of 119-million vehicles built between the 2003 and 2013 model years. For the first two years of the index, Toyota ranked at the top of the list, but ...

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    Official: Japan dominates Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Rankings, US and Europe gaining [UPDATE]

    Consumer Reports has released its annual Auto Reliability Rankings, and surprise of surprises, Japan is dominant. Among brands in 2014, Lexus, Toyota and Acura make up the top three marques, while Mazda, Infiniti, Honda and Subaru sit fifth, sixth, eighth, and tenth, respectively. For those ...

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    Study: CarMD releases entirely objective reliability rankings

    Reliability ratings for cars are important stats for customers to have when looking at buying a new or used car, but can vary greatly depending on the source. While Consumer Reports uses customer feedback that can be somewhat subjective but encompassing of the entire car (including elements not ...

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    Report: Consumer Reports finds small hatchbacks most reliable, upscale cars least

    Following up on its report on which carmakers it found to be the most and least reliable, Consumer Reports has released its predicted reliability ratings based on vehicle type. Those at the top are a varied crew but mostly adhere to one theme: they're small, or small for their segment. Hatchbacks ...

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    Report: Ford falls, Chrysler jumps in Consumer Reports reliability survey

    Consumer Reports has released its annual Car Reliability Study, and the results weren't kind to Ford. The automaker saw its ranking fall from 10th to 20th due to issues with three specific models: the Explorer, Fiesta and Focus. Each of those vehicles ranked below average in reliability during ...

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    Consumer Reports: 2010 Reliability scores as predictable as Asian cars are... reliable

    Consumer Reports has released its annual reliability scores for the automotive industry. The 2010 edition reads like the 2009 report... which reads like the 2008 publication, which reminds us of the 2007 version that was similar to the 2006 release. Asia is once again at the head of the class ...

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    J.D. Power 2010 Initial Quality Study released, first time ever domestics lead imports

    Click above for a gallery of graphtastic images from J.D. Power and Associates
    J.D. Power and Associates has released its 2010 Initial Quality Study (IQS) and Porsche has earned back the top spot that was occupied by Lexus in last year's study. The annual J.D. Power study measures IQS based on ...

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    Chrysler and Fiat: A merger of equally unreliable product?

    Familiarizing ourselves with Fiat - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Chrysler's reliability ratings from Consumer Reports have been less-than-stellar in recent years. In its 2008 survey, where CR tallied up its subscribers' experience with some 1.4 million vehicles among 34 brands, Jeep ...

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    Consumer Reports rates Toyota Highlander No. 1, won't recommend it

    click above image for more pics of the 2008 Toyota Highlander from our review var digg_url = ''; Consumer Reports seems to have a few more fans ever since the folks there proved that they have no bias for Toyota by ...

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    VIDEO: Maxiumum Bob Lutz answers questions about GM's reliability

    The General's chief product guru, Bob Lutz, responded to questions regarding GM's reliability in the company's FastLane Blog's most recent video Q&A chapter. According to Lutz, who cites comparisons to company "H" and company "T" as being perpetual reliability yardsticks, GM has aimed at making ...

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    Mercedes-Benz miffed at performance in Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

    In the recently released 2006 Annual Car Reliability Survey by Consumer Reports, seven models from Mercedes-Benz were rated as Least Reliable. The last generation S-Class, CLS, E-Class, SL, CLK, V6 SLK and the M-Class SUV were all ranked least reliable based on the Consumer Reports survey comprised ...

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    Domestic models gain major ground in Consumer Reports reliability ratings

    We've given Ford credit in the past for its super smooth roll out of the Fusion midsize sedan and its counterparts, the Mercury Milan and Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ. To date the three sedans haven't had a single recall for anything minor or major, not an easy feat when you're launching all-new models as ...

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    High tech equals high repair costs - just like it's always been

    Any time that we start to see a hint of paradigm shift in the auto industry, it's mandatory that the detractors come out of the woodwork with stories of woe. For example, in the article linked below, we learn that someone can get taken for a $8,000 ride to replace one of Toyota's hybrid ...

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    Top 100 Most Reliable Cars in the U.K.

    Warranty Direct is an auto warranty company in the United Kingdom that decided to put some of its raw data to good use in a comprehensive reliability index that ranks the country's 100 most reliable vehicles according to their frequency of failure. The Honda Accord tops the list and Japanese ...

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    Mercedes tops reliability report

    According to the German automotive association ADAC, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are the most reliable among the German brands. The C-Class, CLK-Class, E-Class, M-Class, S-Class, and the SLK-Class all took top spots in the association's latest report, more than any other German automaker. The ADAC was ...

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    UK-built Honda Civic named tops in small car reliability by British study

    A new UK reliability study conducted by research firm Warranty Direct has crowned the home-built Honda Civic as the nation's most trustworthy car. The award covers Civics built from 2001-onward. The criteria? The study compared the average cost of repairs against the number of service on ...


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