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    Report: Lotus slated to stop selling Evora in US

    It's been three years now since Lotus stopped selling the Elise and Exige in North America, leaving the Evora as its only model available Stateside. But according to the latest from Car and Driver, even that model is on its way out. The problem reportedly comes down to air bags. Lotus was ...

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    Report: Aston Martin may be forced to stop selling DB9, Vantage in US [w/poll]

    There are any number of factors that are making it increasingly difficult for a small-scale, independent automaker like Aston Martin to stay competitive in today's automotive marketplace, from purchasing power to R&D capacity. But the latest factor endangering Aston's viability on the ...

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    Motorsports: F1 drivers dangerously losing weight to improve performance

    In order to wrestle a modern Formula One car around the track, you need to be in peak physical condition, right? Well, that's usually the case, but this season is seeing that notion turned on its head as some of the drivers are forced to undertake drastic weight-loss measures. Why this season ...

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    Report: Seatbelt buckle chime to take a back seat?

    A bill approved by both houses of Congress that doubles fines on vehicles not recalled in a timely fashion also weighs-in on several additional safety measures. What was once a $17-million penalty has now jumped to $35 million. In spite of these fines, The Detroit News reports that many new ...

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    Followup: Pagani Huayra still coming to U.S., just delayed until 2013

    Hold your horses, ladies and gents. All 700 of them. It appears that earlier reports of the Pagani Huayra's exclusion from the U.S. market may have been a tad premature. As you may recall, we reported yesterday on a ruling from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that denied ...

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    Report: Grand Prix promoters threaten switch to Indy, Ecclestone to sue over new F1 engines?

    The world of Formula One racing is being torn in two. On one side are forces like Renault and the FIA who want to see F1 moving towards more environmentally conscious means of propulsion. On the other are parties like Ferrari, the race promoters and Bernie Ecclestone that are more concerned about ...

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    Official: FIA confirms 1.6-liter turbo V6 F1 engines for 2014

    Formula One racing engines have been dropping cylinders like advanced trigonometry classes over the past couple of decades. The V12s gave way to V10s in the mid 90s. Those were replaced in turn by the current V8s in 2006, and now it's been confirmed that by 2014 two more cylinders will drop off ...

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    FIA lifts ban on team orders in Formula One

    Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso on the podium at the 2010 German Grand Prix
    After years of speculation, Formula One has shaken things up by announcing that the current high-revving V8s will be replaced by 2013 with turbocharged four-cylinder engines. Along with it, the FIA imposed new limits ...

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    CA "cool car" regs to kill Jeep Wrangler, interfere with phones, garage openers, ankle bracelets?

    2009 Jeep Wrangler - Click above for high-res image gallery
    New "Cool Cars" regulations adopted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) could put an end to the Jeep Wrangler soft-top sales in the Golden State thanks to standards so stringent that the popular 4x4 won't be able to meet them. ...

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    REPORT: NHTSA may mandate amber turn signals

    Some cars have red turn signal lamps, while others have an amber hue. Big deal, right? The National Highway Traffic Safety Association thinks it is, after finding that amber lights are 5.3% more effective at preventing crashes than the red blinkers. NHTSA came to that conclusion after comparing ...

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    More F1 teams joins boycott call for 2010 regulation changes

    Yesterday, we brought you news that Toyota could quit Formula One if FIA president Max Mosley's proposal for a two-tiered budget system is put in place. But the Japanese team based in Germany – currently enjoying its best season so far – isn't the only one making noise. Ferrari has ...

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    REPORT: Next Chrysler CEO salary capped at $500,000

    The next chief executive of Chrysler will be tasked with bringing the company out of bankruptcy, restructuring into a profitable business, repaying government loans (if and when they do so at all), integrating Fiat technology and retaining jobs wherever possible. Oh, and he or she will have to do ...

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    NHTSA in hot seat after troubling baby car seat tests found

    The Chicago Tribune is shaking a rattle at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Its investigation has found 31 cases of infant seats exceeding injury limits or disconnecting from their bases during federal vehicle frontal impact crash tests. The NHTSA slams countless cars into ...

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    Endangered Species: Europe's sportscar makers worried about the future

    With the European Union tightening restrictions on carbon emissions, danger has been spelled out in big bright letters for the sportscar-makers we know and love. The bulk of the world's best supercar manufacturers – including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Aston Martin and Porsche – ...

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    Feds to release new roof-strength regs in July

    While rollover resistance is improving, current vehicle roof strength regulations date back nearly 35 years. With that in mind, Congress will be taking a careful look at federal regulators as they work on upgrading the standards early next month before they unveil a final regulation at the ...

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    FIA spins its wheels with even more F1 regulations

    The World Motor Sport Council of the FIA has approved yet another array of restrictions on Formula One development in a bid to further reduce costs in the top-level racing series. Following the imposition of a 10-year freeze on engine development and restrictions on aerodynamic testing, the new ...

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    Try, try again: FIA puts further restrictions on F1, freezes engine development

    The World Motor Sport Council of the FIA, the international racing authority that governs Formula One, among other series, has rolled out a series of restrictions on the development of F1 cars starting with the coming 2008 season. The restrictions include a complete freeze on engine development for ...

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    Mr. Porsche goes to Washington: Low-volume CAFE classification could save Porsche millions

    The Senate bill to raise CAFE changes the definition of a low-volume manufacturer from a company that produces 10,000 cars worldwide per year, to a company that has less than 0.4-percent of the US market -- which would be about 64,000 vehicles currently. Porsche sold 34,227 cars and SUVs in the ...

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    Formula One: Mosley wins battle, war goes on
    1143554760 confirmed on Monday what we all expected - the five manufacturer teams in F1 have all submitted their entries for the FIA's 2008 Formula One World Championship. Only last week, FIA president Max Mosley (pictured at right) announced that the immediate submission of a formal ...


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