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    Fewer Ferrari buyers are seeing red these days

    Back in the early 1990s, an impressive 85 percent of all Ferrari models were dressed in red paint. While we can understand that Ferrari and red go together like peanut butter and jelly (or red white and... green), it's tough to understand how 85 percent of all customers could buy such a rare ...

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    A Vision in Red: Ferrari binoculars from William Optics

    You've just dropped several hundred on a pair of tickets to a grand prix, and hundreds more on flights, a hotel room and team paraphernalia. You're not about to watch the race through any ordinary binoculars, are you? William Optics (no relation to Williams F1) is betting that you wouldn't, and ...

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    They do it different in Texas: Speed cameras banned statewide

    Finally, someone's fighting back against the fleecing of the general populace. Famous for liking things big, Texas lawmakers have laid the smackdown on red light and speed cameras in a large manner. HB.922 states "A municipality may not implement or operate an automated traffic control system with ...

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    Ferrari Gives Dany Bahar Wings

    As if Ferrari needed any help promoting its brand, they've gone and hired Dany Bahar. During his tenure at Red Bull, the intrepid Turk transformed the energy drink company from a simple sponsor into team owners, first acquiring Red Bull Racing from Ford when Jaguar's F1 team went bust, then going ...

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    The streets ran red near Lowell, Mass.

    Whoa, they built a highway through a cranberry bog? Uh, no. Lowell Massachusetts is in the north central part of the state, miles removed from the bogs of the Cape. The orange hue that coated route 495's northbound lane did make for a colorful nighttime drive, however messy it ended up being. A ...

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    Toro Rosso finally announces Scott Speed returns, 2007 F1 roster confirmed

    The last racing seat has finally been confirmed for the 2007 Formual One season, as Scott Speed stays on with Scuderia Toro Rosso, Red Bull's back-marker B-team once known as Minardi. Lead by former F1 driver Gerhard Berger, Toro Rosso seemed to have been playing a twisted little game of waiting as ...

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    Drive Italy in a Ferrari

    If you're looking for the ultimate vacation and have the cash to spend, look no further than Red Travel. The stuff-that-dreams-are-made-of tour operator based in Turin specializes in putting together vacation packages that put you behind the wheel of a Ferrari to drive along the Italian ...

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    Spy Shots: Saturn Vue Red Line

    With the new Saturn Vue crossover utility vehicle due to hit showrooms soon, GM's not wasting a moment: they're hard at work on the Red Line performance version. The intrepid paparazzi at KGP caught this thinly-disguised test mule driving around Detroit. The shots reveal that the Red Line will get ...

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    F1 is missing out on Sebastein Bourdais

    The world of motorsports was watching when Sebastien Bourdais got back behind the wheel of an F1 car on Thursday at the Jerez test track, and managed to get within spitting distance of Scott Speed's lap times in the same Red Bull car. The reigning champ of Champ Cars, Sebastien Bourdais is an ...


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