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59Gran Turismo 5 to get first major update, Red Bull X2010 prototype

Polyphony Digital has something special planed if Sebastian Vettel manages to take the Formula One Driver's Championship for the second year in a row. Vettel made history by becoming the youngest driver to ever take the title last year, and if he pulls off a repeat performance, Polyphony says it will release the Red Bull X2010 in game to anyone who logs on to Gran Turismo 5. As anyone who's familiar with the franchise can tell you, the X2010 is ultimate prize in GT5, as vehicle is the award for

23From Virtual to Reality: GT5's Red Bull X1 prototype jumps out of the screen

Red Bull X1 full-size model – Click above for image gallery

33Video: What the Red Bull X1 will look like in GT5... if GT5 ever comes out

Sebastian Vettel pilots the Red Bull X1 prototype – Click above to watch video after the jump

28Red Bull X1 prototype revealed before Gran Turismo 5 debut

Red Bull X1 – Click above for high-res image gallery

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