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red bull new year no limits

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    Video: Pushing the limits with Robbie Maddison, 311 feet above the Corinth Canal

    Look closely for the flying Aussie – Click above to view the Corinth Canal jump video after the jump
    Determination is been defined as to do or achieve something with a firmness of purpose. We can't think of a more fitting description of Australian daredevil freestyle motocrosser Robbie ...

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    VIDEO: Travis Pastrana's New Year's Jump. Take two

    Travis Pastrana's New Year's Jump Practice - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Has your inner stunt driver ever wondered what it would be like to fling a ridiculously overpowered rally car off a ramp and onto a waiting platform some 250 feet away? Don't have enough Red Bull running ...

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    VIDEO: Pastrana practice for record New Year's Eve jump goes awry

    Travis Pastrana's practice jump - Click above to watch the video after the break
    This is what we mean when we say Travis Pastrana is insane. Generally, whenever the world sees a ridiculous freestyle dirtbike or automobile trick, it goes off without a hitch. It almost seems like a foregone ...

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    VIDEO: Rhys Millen to perform trophy truck backflip live on New Year's Eve

    Click above to watch a video of Rhys Millen preparing for his trophy truck backflip after the jump We love Red Bull for giving us wings its endless stream of marketing money that supports so many forms of motorsports, although not nearly as much as we admire Rhys Millen for having the testicular ...


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