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red bull f1 team

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    Video: You need to watch this ViewCam 360 vid of a Red Bull F1 car

    Call it an unfortunate side effect of growing up in the information age, but it takes some truly impressive technology to surprise us anymore. So when we say the ViewCam 360 has set our cynical hearts aglow, we want you to understand the full scope of our meaning. The tech captures complete ...

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    Video: How to make a Red Bull RB7 Formula One racecar

    How to build a Red Bull RB7 – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Red Bull RB7 Formula One racecar is a screaming, rubber-footed example of why paying attention in math and science class can lead to a fun career. It's a carbon-fiber and aluminum rocketship propelled by a Renault ...

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    Loeb gets free Red Bull F1 test for fifth rally championship

    Last year, Sebastien Loeb swapped his WRC Championship winning Citroen Xsara for a test in Renault's F1 car (and former Renault driver Heikki Kovalainen hopped in the Citroen). This year, Loeb's going to take a turn in Red Bull's F1 runner for a test at the Catalunya circuit on November 17th -- Red ...


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