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    Car and Driver chronicles the death of a car

    Bloggers we may be, but we're still fans of good old fashioned long-form journalism – or what passes for it in this day and age. Yes, digital attention deficit disorder and the failing fortunes of print publishing have combined to largely neuter the art form, but there are still some ...

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    Video: Lowered Ram dually is world's most awesomely inefficient can crusher

    There are many ways to crush a Coors Light can. One can go with the classic squeeze box, the ogre-brand forehead smash or perhaps you might prefer to let your foot do the stomping. The owner of an air-bag suspension-equipped Dodge Ram HD dually pickup has another option when it comes time to ...

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    Recession Vacation: bike-pulled camper built from salvage

    Paul Elkins' homemade bike-towed camper - Click for hi-res gallery
    Designed with an eye toward post-apocalyptic living, Paul Elkins whipped up this trailer to pull behind his bicycle at the Burning Man festival. It's 100 pounds of home away from home, built from aluminum tubing reclaimed from a ...

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    Scrap the Rich: Bentley Continental is 85% recyclable

    Bentley Recycling Certificate - Click above to enlarge
    Good news for all Bentley Continental owners who plan to recycle their ultra-expensive and luxurious automobile after the GT outlives its usefulness: Bentley now guarantees that the Continental line is 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable. In ...

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    Drink beer the green way: From an old windshield

    Now that it's all hip to be green, you may look at your hybrid car with its properly inflated tires and Love Earth bummer sticker and think "what else can I do to help the environment?" Turns out the answer is to drink beer out of recycled windshields turned into pint glasses. These glasses from ...

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    Recycled tires make Dad's baby bag easier to handle

    Not all of us on the AB team have kids, but all of us know somebody who does. For the dad's in the group, toting around a diaper bag with duckies and bunnies is out of the question. Anything that screams of Mr. Mom is the last thing you want. Here's a bag we think you might be able to carry around ...

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    Westfield Sportscars gives old Miatas new lease on life

    End of Life Vehicle Regulations will become more stringent in the U.K. in January, and as a result some companies are finding creative ways to reuse those vehicles that were once thought destined for the scrap heap. Westfield Sportscars, a kit car manufacturer in the U.K., has developed a new kit ...

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    Rebuilding your engine instead of buying a new car

    Your 1990 Ford or Honda or BMW has finally died or it feels that way from the repair bills. So should you start your new car shopping surfing the Internet or the good old newspaper?Not so fast, say the Engine Repower Council (ERC) and the Car Care Council (CCC). According to both organizations, it ...


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