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    Chevrolet Volt battery covers transformed into... duck houses?

    Yes, you read that right. General Motors has indeed taken scrap battery covers that would otherwise have been discarded and, with the help of a team of youngsters from the Lasky Recreation Center in Detroit, turned them into duck houses. Seems odd, no doubt, but we'd certainly rather see ...

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    Recycling Gone Wild: Turn your VW Jetta TDI into a Smyth Performance G3F [w/video]

    Smyth Performance G3F concept – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is the tri-directive that could help us become more sustainable as a society. Soon, a kit for the G3F from Smyth Performance – a new venture by Factory Five Racing co-founder Mark Smith ...

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    Recession Vacation: bike-pulled camper built from salvage

    Paul Elkins' homemade bike-towed camper - Click for hi-res gallery
    Designed with an eye toward post-apocalyptic living, Paul Elkins whipped up this trailer to pull behind his bicycle at the Burning Man festival. It's 100 pounds of home away from home, built from aluminum tubing reclaimed from a ...

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    REPORT: Cash for Clunkers leads to shortage of destruction derby cars. Oh, the humanity!

    With 690,000 vehicles sentenced to one final gargle of sodium silicate, thanks to the now-defunct Cash for Clunkers program, demolition-derby drivers seem to have been left holding the short end of the driveshaft. What the government seems to have forgotten is that many cars, hobbling and ...

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    Westfield Sportscars gives old Miatas new lease on life

    End of Life Vehicle Regulations will become more stringent in the U.K. in January, and as a result some companies are finding creative ways to reuse those vehicles that were once thought destined for the scrap heap. Westfield Sportscars, a kit car manufacturer in the U.K., has developed a new kit ...

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    Is your next tank of gas foam?

    As previously posted, the automobile is the number one recycled product in the U.S. Most of the recycled materials are re-used for different purposes, like floormats being turned into sound-deadening materials.But how about fuel? In a new study, Changing World Technologies, Inc. used a process ...

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    America's #1 most-recycled product? The automobile

    While everyone knows that aluminum cans and plastic bottles are commonly recycled, according to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the automobile is the most recycled consumer product today.Fully ninety-five percent of "retired" cars each year are recycled. The reclaiming ...


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