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    World's Fastest Diesel Pickup controversy settled

    The Great Pickup Controversy has been settled. It was reported last week that the Rocket Ranger, from SPAL USA, crossed the Bonneville Salt Flats at 215.091 miles per hour. In doing so, SPAL claimed it set the top speed world record for a pickup truck. However, back in 2002, Gale Banks ...

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    Letting off some steam: vapor-powered car goes for land speed record

    A British team is out to demolish the land speed records for a steam powered vehicle in both the kilometer and the mile. The records are 121.6 mp for the kilo, set in 1906, and an unofficial 145.6 mph for the mile, set in 1985. As if using tap water to go stupid fast wasn't cool enough, they're ...

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    Ferrari breaks speed records ... on water

    click above image for a few more pics of Molinari's Ferrari boat So the prancing horse is having a little trouble on the track, but its engines aren't having any problems at all on the water. Speedboat designer Eugenio Molinari, using a production engine from an F430, broke the running kilometer ...


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