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Ford Switches Asia Pacific Facilities To LED Lighting

Telsarati likens the Talking Tesla podcast to Car Talk. Last lobbying takes place before the RFS decision. Ford invests $5 million in LED lighting in Asia.


EPA Settles With Gas Refiner Over VOC Emissions

Chevrolet saved 8 million metric tons of CO2 in five years. eVgo and BMW are adding hundreds of fast chargers to around the country. EPA settles with a Utah gas refiner over Clean Air Act violations.


DOE To Announce Funding Opportunity For Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Technology

Air Liquide hopes to surpass Linde with Airgas acquisition. The DOE will fund up to $35 million in hydrogen and fuel cell projects. Audi will work with Somerville, MA on smart mobility projects.


Blue Bird Unveils New CNG School Bus

Tesla Model X customers question how fast they'll be able to charge. EVs in China's cities often shift pollution to poorer communities. Blue Bird unveils a new CNG-fueled Type C school bus.


EEVC In Brussels In December; Fuels America Takes On Congressman Over RFS

Telsa wins yet another award. Brussels will host the 2015 EEVC. Brazil pushes biodiesel bill forward. Fuels America airs ad calling out Congressman Peter Welch on the RFS.


Vanderbilt Improves Batteries With Quantum Dots; Ryder Uses Biomethane

Here's what happened at the 2015 World Solar Challenge. Iron pyrite nanoparticles improve battery performance. The army will test a fuel cell vehicle from GM. Two Ryder stations are switching to biomethane.


DOE, EPA Publish 2016 Fuel Economy Guide

Here's how to get people to accept a gas tax hike. The 2016 Fuel Economy Guide is now available. Livestream races with the new Formula E App.


Ballard Teams With King Long; DC Fast Charging Versus Level 2

Bjørn Nyland calls for suggestions for Tesla Firmware 7.1. NRG eVgo finds DC charging is used much more than Level 2. Audi launches luxury carsharing service, "Audi at home." Ballard will make fuel cell buses with King Long.


Drive Oregon's Invitation To The EV Industry

Drive Oregon wants the EV industry to test in its "Living Lab." Mazda's Aqua-tech paint system reduces VOC and CO2 emissions. ARBÖ gives the Toyota Mirai its 2015 Environmental Award.


Nissan Leader In Climate Change Action; Chevy Donates 2016 Volt To FIRST

See the Tesla factory in motion. Obama finally kills the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline. Chevy donates a Volt to support science education. Carbon Disclosure Project ranks Nissan highly.


Neste And Boeing Commercialize Renewable Aviation Fuels

Cops respond to a call about children in the trunk of a Tesla Model S. CNET takes a spin in Nissan's self-driving Leaf. Neste and Boeing are developing commercial, renewable aviation fuels.


Hyundai Delivers 50 ix35 Fuel Cells To Europe

A British Columbia Tesla owner helped the cops track down her car thief. Hyundai delivers 50 ix35 Fuel Cells to Europe. Daimler takes part in the world's largest second life energy storage unit.


Tesla Ends Flat $100 Ranger Service Fee

Tesla customers respond to increased mobile technician fees. Nissan fuel cell car is coming in "like four to five years," says Ghosn. Georgia EV incentives end, hurting Leaf sales.


Ballard Signs $3 Million Deal For Fuel Cell Trams In China

Fully Charged covers electric lawnmowers in a new video. MotorTrend shaves time off Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode's 0-60 time. Ballard signs $30 million deal to develop fuel cells for trams in China.


CT Funding Government EV Fleets And Chargers; ACEEE Calculates EISA Savings

Fuels America calls out Big Oil on false info. A 2007 bill saves oil, emissions and money. Honda opened a CNG station at its property in Troy, OH. Connecticut funds EVs and chargers for state agencies and municipalities.


Tesla Plans Mexico Launch; Enevate Announces Ultrafast Charging

Jeffrey Katzenberg credits Tesla for saving his life in a crash. Elon Musk tweets about Tesla's Mexico plans. Enevate announces ultrafast charging for its Li-ion batteries. Emterra opens new CNG station near Toronto.


Renault-Nissan Alliance EVs To Shuttle Passengers Nearly 250K Miles At COP21

A Tesla Model S saves its passengers from being crushed by a tree. The Renault-Nissan Alliance is deploying 200 EVs at COP21. Toyota is planning an LPG hybrid taxi for Japan.


Younger UK Drivers Love EVs

UMTRI suggests licensing for autonomous cars. A survey shows that UK teens favor EVs. Opel retests the Zafira to show emissions compliance.


Tesla's Slick Design For The Model X Sun Visor

BMW i3 gets more range, and a new BMW i car is coming soon. The Tesla Model X hides its sun visor in the A-pillar. Nissan and Ecotricity urge the UK government to create EV charging road signage.


ZF Consolidates, Creates E-Mobility Division

Daimler and Tsinghua sign on to continue research together. ZF has created an E-Mobility division. Zipcar is now available at 500 North American college campuses.


Honda Tests Solar Chargers On Marshall Islands; Microsoft, ABB Launch Charging Platform

Innova EV Car Share is geared toward college campuses. ABB and Microsoft team up for cloud-connected charging. Honda tests solar charging in the Marshall Islands. Mercedes-Benz to use CO2 as an air conditioning refrigerant.

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