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    Upcoming Alfas going rear-drive

    For years, the only Italian automobiles available in the United States have been exotic sportscars. Alfa Romeo is banking on that perception for its return to the American market with a range of cars that don't cost exotic, but look exotic. That much is further evidenced by the 8C Competizione, ...

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    Merc R-Class may come in RWD flavors

    Perhaps more R Classes will roll off dealer lots if only the rear wheels push the car, instead of all four. Auto Telegraaf reports that Mercedes will soon build the base R Class with RWD as standard, and will lower the price in a bid to change the SUV's fortunes. As everyone is aware, the 4-matic ...

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    SPY SHOTS - Hyundai Equus replacement sheds more camo

    Hyundai's working on a rear-wheel-drive successor to its home-market Equus luxury sedan. The car's expected to debut at the New York Auto Show in April, and these most recent spy shots show it with less camouflage than we've seen it wearing in the past. You can't see the front end, but you get a ...

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    Autoblog Project Garage: Axle swap, Part II

    With the axle disassembled in the previous installment of this project, it is now time to start putting things back together with fresh parts as needed. One surprise that we encountered during the tear-down of the axle was a significant amount of debris; namely, there was a lot of dirt inside the ...

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    Autoblog Project Garage: Axle swap, Part I

    Here's a great example of a project that has undergone a bit of "feature creep". Oh, it started innocently enough, with my wife asking if anything could be done to improve the brake feel of our 1996 Buick Roadmaster. Sure, I said - we can ditch the rear drum brakes, and install a set of discs ...


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