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10Autocar tries to lay out Toyota's future Prius hybrid path, new models coming spring of 2011?

Toyota Hybrid X Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddTom Hanks, electric vehicle enthusiast, loves his RAV4 EV

A few years ago, a video of Tom Hanks excitedly talking up his electric Scion xB (aka eBox, which he got first) made the rounds. All Hanks' Hollywood money means that he can drive and be excited about not just one, but multiple electric cars. Hanks recently went on the record to discuss his EV fandom as he cleared up a mistake in a New Yorker article. Writer Peter Boyer apparently mistakenly wrote that Hanks once owned an EV1. Hanks, who stars in the new movie Angels & Demons that opens this

AddeBay find of the Day: Toyota RAV4 EV for $35,000

Maybe that $32,600 RAV4 EV wasn't such an anomaly. Another of these all-electric SUVs has popped up on eBay and the Buy It Now price is just $35,000. It wasn't that long ago that $60,000+ was pretty standard for one of these vehicles. So, either the economy is taking its toll on eBay sales, (relatively) low gas prices are making people less likely to spend big bucks on an EV, or these are two examples that do not make a trend. In any case, the real interesting bit is that the buy it now price ha

AddToyota RAV4 EV currently up on eBay

There hasn't been an all-electric Toyota RAV4 on eBay for a while, but we can now watch the bidding go up in this auction until the 25th. The current bid is around $10,000 but it's reasonable to expect this to climb to $50,000+ by the end of the auction, because that's the range these RAV4 EVs usually end up at.

AddToyota RAV4 EV up for bids on eBay

The ever-elusive electric RAV4 has once again shown its face. You can set your sights on one of the last of the major automakers' electric vehicles that still run wild in the streets in this eBay auction (by the way, did you know that Microsoft Word will tell you that Ebay is spelled wrong, but eBay is correct? Who took the time to program that into the Word dictionary?). This RAV4 EV currently has a bid of $35,000, but the reserve is not met (the Buy It Now price is $65,000, which is about on p

AddAnother RAV4 EV sale on eBay, this time for $55,000

$15,000 for the batteries?  An older battery system seems to be one of the main differences between the most-recent RAV4 EV which sold on eBay for almost $15,000 less than the RAV4 that sold for about $70,000 there about a month ago. As the only somewhat mass-produced, full-size electric vehicle still kicking around that was made by a major auto manufacturer, the RAV4 EV is a unique automobile. The RAV4 EV has been discontinued, but with Toyota's recent announcement that the company would s

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