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    Period Awesome: 1978 Cadillac Eldorado with power T-tops on eBay

    Click above for a gallery of the '78 Eldorado with power T-tops
    Sometimes, you just have to stop, tip your cap, and accept what is awesome. This is one of those times. Better still, you can buy this example of awesomeness and put it in your garage. "It" is a 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. And it ...

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    For Sale: Mazda Hen's Tooth..err, Cosmo

    click on the pic to see more of Chuck's shotsAutoblog addict Chuck Goolsbee was out in his E-Type last weekend and naturally wanted to avoid the freeway in such a delightful car. Pulling a Clark Griswold, Chuck got lost on an Indian reservation. Rather than have the neighborhood assist in stripping ...

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    $10m TestaRossa headlines upcoming auction of rare Ferraris

    Click above to view the high-resolution image gallery For those who like their meat rare and red, news has come of the most scrumptious slab of automotive prime rib. At its upcoming event in Maranello, RM Auctions will be putting up on the block one of the rarest and most valuable Ferraris in ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Spyker C12 Zagato wows Geneva crowd

    click above image to view 41 additional high-res shots of the Spyker C12 Zagato var digg_url = ''; 24. No, that's not Kiefer Sutherlands favorite number, it's the number of units Spyker will build of this ultra ...

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    Bespoke Beetle: Rometsch

    Through the years there have been many companies that capitalized on the construction of the air-cooled Volkswagens to create unique automobiles. Some of the more well-known examples are the Meyers Manx and the Bradley GT. You Hardcastle and McCormick fans, don't worry, we had childhood lust for ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1995 BMW M3 CSL

    Pay more, get less. That's okay, looking at the pictures of this rare lightweight E36, it's not exactly slumming. There were under 150 of the 1995 "Coupe Sport Light" M3's produced and here's your chance to part with a lot of cash to own one.The cars were intended for competition, so some of the ...

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    For the naughty and nice: BMW Individual M6 Convertible in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

    Continuing a long tradition of offering special edition rides in its Christmas catalogue, Neiman Marcus and BMW announced today the availability of the Limited-Edition 2007 BMW Individual M6 Convertible in the 2006 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Only 50 examples of this rare beauty will be sold, but ...


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