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    Geneva: Aston Martin enhances Rapide with new S model

    We've never really thought of the Aston Martin Rapide as being an old car in need of an update, but since the gorgeous sedan has, in fact, been around since 2010, we suppose a tidy freshening is in order. Here at the Geneva Motor Show, Aston is showing off the new Rapide S, which adds minor ...

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    Official: Aston Martin Rapide S adds an extra consonant worth 550 hp [w/video]

    Goodbye Aston Martin Rapide. Hello Aston Martin Rapide S. That's right, Aston Martin has unveiled an updated version of its famously beautiful four-door and given its name a new consonant to boot. The 'S' probably stands for "Sport," as the new Rapide's most significant upgrade is under the ...

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    Spy Shots: Aston Martin Rapide S spotted testing

    In May 2011 our spy photographers caught this Aston Martin lapping the Nürburgring. Supposition at the time was that it is a faster, more powerful Rapide S that would offer up to 50 more horsepower under the hood and a tweaked grille and bumper so that you could pick it out of the ...

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    Spy Shots: Aston Martin Rapide S undergoing testing on the 'Ring

    Word on the street is that Aston Martin is developing a faster, more powerful version of its Rapide four-door, a rumor fueled by new spy shots snapped on Germany's infamous Nürburgring. The camouflaged prototype pictured above appears to pack a revised front end and tail, with larger ...


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