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    Official: Ram increasing EcoDiesel production [w/video]

    The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel shot out of the gate with strong sales by filling its initial allocation of 8,000 orders in just three days, in February. At the time, Ram expected that the oil-burning variant would account for around 10 percent of 1500 output, but it knew there was room to grow if the ...

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    Official: Ford F-450 claims best-in-class towing, company abandons practice of removing items to boost payload number

    The ongoing heavy-duty truck battle between Ford and Ram is showing no signs of slowing down. The Blue Oval is trying to remove at least one point of contention between the two brands by testing its 2015 F-450 Super Duty using the Society of Automotive Engineers J2807 towing standard, which Ram ...

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    Official: Ram boosts Heavy Duty truck claims for 2015 [w/video]

    The heavy-duty truck segment boasts some of the tightest competition of any automotive niche in the US. Being able to tout just one best-in-class figure can be a marketing advantage over competitors, and Ram Trucks is adding one more accolade to its tally with a powertrain update for the 2015 Ram ...

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    Official: 2014 Ram Power Wagon is bigger and badder than ever [w/video]

    "The 2014 Ram Power Wagon fills a need for those who travel into extreme terrain for rescue or recreation." – Reid Bigland More, more, more. That's the philosophy behind the latest Ram Power Wagon. The extra-brawny, Ram 2500-based pickup is back for 2014, and naturally, it's even more ...

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    Video: Ram Truck's Gear Up! hunting series teaches you how to gut a deer

    Ram knows that hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts make up a key demographic of its trucks' sales, so late last year it started an Internet hunting video series called Gear Up! on YouTube hosted by a variety of attractive ladies dressed in camouflage. (Ram knows its target audience, eh?). This ...

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    Video: Watch the video that inspired Ram's Farmer Super Bowl commercial

    Chrysler may have the Super Bowl's most popular commercial for a third year in a row. Eminem and Eastwood helped it earn that distinction the last two years, and while Oprah did the voiceover for this year's Jeep ad, it's Chrysler's other spot that's in the running for Most Valuable Ad after the ...

  • 0 tests Ram Runner by Kore, compares with Ford SVT Raptor

    Here at Autoblog, we're big fans of the Ford Raptor. So when Dodge announced that Mopar would be prepping a Ram for a head-to-head duel, we were quite excited to see the outcome of that project. Officially revealed in all its glory on March 28 of this year, the Ram Runner kit is offered in seven ...

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    Video: AdSpotting: New Ram ads push horses as brand looks for growth

    Company: Chrysler Brand: Ram Medium: TV Ad Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas Product: Ram Pickup Campaign: "Code of the West" What We Like: There is a lot of rational left-brain advertising in the auto sector these days, especially in the pickup truck category. Take Ford, which has ...

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    Rumormill: Chrysler thinking about offering air suspension on its Ram pickups?

    Word on the web is that engineers at Ram are dabbling in air-ride suspensions. has pointed out that the company's gargantuan Long-Hauler Pickup Concept rocked an impressive auto-leveling and load-sensing air-suspension package from the people at Kelderman. It's no secret that ...

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    Ram shows off Long-Hauler Concept in high resolution

    When Ram first showed off its new super-stretch Long-Hauler concept truck, we couldn't help but think those initial photos looked like they were shot with a first-generation iPhone sporting a greased-over camera lens. Now, however, Chrysler has been so kind as to bring in a professional who's ...

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    Ram Long-Hauler concept offers 1,600-mile range for epic road trips

    Need a way to get yourself, four buddies and a whole lot of cargo across the country with the bare minimum of fuel stops? The Ram Long-Hauler Concept is your truck. The rig got a quiet coming-out party at the Mid-America Trucking Show, which was held March 31st through April 2nd in Louisville, ...

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    Video: breaks down the 2012 Ram Cargo Van
    1299778380 details the 2012 Ram Cargo Van – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    The 2012 Ram Cargo Van may be based on the more pedestrian Dodge Grand Caravan, but make no mistake, this van is ready to work. The minivan's seats have been removed, meaning there's 144 cubic ...

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    Report: Dodge Ram Runner kit will be street legal

    Dodge Ram Runner Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There's some big news buzzing around the Ram Runner Concept at the moment. We've known for a good while now that Chrysler is planning to offer a kit to convert any Ram 1500 pickup into the desert raiding beast seen above, ...

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    Ram unveils 1500 Code Name: Adventurer, pulls ahead Tradesman launch

    2011 Ram 1500 Code Name: Adventurer - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Chrysler is banking on the warm reception that the Ram 1500 Tradesman received at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show this year by unveiling another low-buck model targeted at first-time vehicle buyers. For now, the pickup is ...

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    Dodge brand to ditch cross-hair grille?

    2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Now that Dodge and Ram are seperate groups under the Chrysler umbrella, Dodge plans to phase its trademark cross-hair grille out of its product lineup. The cross-hair nose will remain a part of the Ram truck lineup for the ...

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    Chrysler announces company-owned halo dealership in LA

    Chrysler has unveiled a new company-owned dealership in California, called Motor Village of Los Angeles, that will sell and service the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Truck, Fiat and Mopar brands. A five-story glass structure will house separate salons for each of these marques. This new dealership, ...

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    Chrysler expands 60-day 'risk-free' return policy to Jeep, Dodge and Ram

    Back in February, Chrysler rolled out its "Minivan Pledge," which gave customers the choice of returning their vehicle within 60 days if they were unhappy in any way. The program must have been successful for Team Pentastar, because the program is now being expanding to all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, ...

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    Chrysler goes back to 0% financing for May

    Chrysler has just announced its newest wave of incentives. Those looking to snap up anything from the company's four brands can look forward to zero-percent financing courtesy of GMAC on most of its products. Chrysler models can be had at the low APR for 60 months or 1.9 percent for 72 months. If ...

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    Chrysler's upcoming 6.4L V8 only for SRT, not for Ram?

    Back in November, during Chrysler's seemingly endless business plan presentation, Ram trucks chief Fred Diaz told the captive media audience that the new 6.4-liter Hemi gasoline V8 would likely appear in Ram's heavy duty trucks. Fast forward to today, however, and it would appear that the big ...

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    Chrysler brands look for part-time work, find retail jobs

    We remember the last time we reached for a Cohiba and said to ourselves, "Man, this illegal Cuban cigar would taste so much better if we had a Chrysler branded humidor. Hey Jeeves, we're running a little low on Pernod here. Getting chopping." Well sir, from our lips to the Chrysler marketing ...


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