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    Last Dodge Viper gets custom treatment

    Ralph Gilles and D'Ann Rauh with the final Dodge Viper – Click above for high-res gallery
    The 2010 Dodge Viper is many things, awesome among them. So when you're buying something truly awesome, what do you do? Paint it earth tones, of course. Brown cars are the zenith of cool, and the very ...

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    Dodge hipper than ever says Ralph Gillies

    Ralph Gilles reports that the halls of Dodge are abuzz with enthusiasm since Fiat rescued Chrysler. In an interview with The Detroit News, Gilles conveys his enthusiasm for the Dodge brand and the new direction it's headed. Among the most significant changes? 100,000-plus fans on Facebook for ...

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    Video: Ralph Gilles talks Dodge Viper, considering track-only model

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    At a recent event at Gingerman Raceway in western Michigan, Dodge brand CEO Ralph Gilles took some time to discuss the Viper as it heads off into retirement in its current form. Unfortunately, for those hoping for clues to the future of the V10 sports ...

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    Report: Dodge getting new badge to support sporty image

    We first wrote about Dodge's new logo way back in January, when the Dexter-voiced commercials were coming out and a Dodge logo was showing up at auto shows with two stripes at the end. According to Automotive News, that graphic has been officially discussed and endorsed by Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles ...

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    Officially Official: Dodge splits off Ram brand with new exec appointments

    Rumors floating around since mid-summer that Chrysler would split the Dodge car and truck businesses into two separate units are now a reality. Chrysler Group LLC now consists of four brands: Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Car and Dodge Ram. In early July after the latest iteration of Chrysler emerged ...

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    Fiat and Chrysler designers to collaborate, other Fiat divisions excluded

    The ink isn't even dry yet on the deal between Chrysler and Fiat, but design executives from both automakers are slated to begin meeting next week to discuss collaboration on future products and how Fiat's current offerings can be adapted for Chrysler's needs. The meetings were confirmed by ...

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    Chrysler design done with the 'edge,' going organic

    Trevor Creed resigned from the position of Chrysler's head of design, and as of today is succeeded by Ralph Gilles, the man who designed the 300C. Since every change at the top comes with a "new sheriff in town" speech -- or at least one-liner -- this is what Gilles had to say: "It's definitely ...

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    Gilles: Chrysler done with 'Edge' look, going 'Organic'

    We're already encouraged by the fact that Ralph Gilles has ascended to the top of Chrysler's design department, as the past vehicles penned under his supervision have all been some of Chrysler's best. Say what you want about the reborn 300 now, but when it was first introduced, it's styling set in ...

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    Chrysler says its interiors will get more attention

    Thank goodness! That was our first response, and we bet it might have been yours as well. Ralph Gilles, vice president of Advance Interior and Design for Chrysler tells Automotive News that his company will begin designing new interiors as much as a year sooner than in the past.Chrysler's 2008 ...

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    Chrysler 300 to receive interior refresh?

    Few would argue that Chrysler's 300 has quickly proven to be a transcendental product. With apologies to Henry David Thoreau, the Ralph Gilles penned LX-platform sedan has been one of a handful of recent vehicles whose appeal quickly transcended demographic pigeonholing (Toyota's Prius and ...

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    Is retro a dirty word?

    Inside Line brings us news of a designer's panel that took place in Detroit on Wednesday, featuring notables like Chrysler Group vice president of Jeep, truck and component design Ralph Gilles. Mr. 300 and others lamented about the horrors of going retro, while Ford North American Car ...

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    Chrysler 300 designer Ralph Gilles receiving promotion

    Ralph Gilles, best known for penning the blockbuster 300 sedan, is getting a new office and ordering new business cards. Effective April 1, the designer will be kicked upstairs, promoted to the role of Vice President – Jeep/Truck and Component Design for the Chrysler Group. Gilles, who had ...


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