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    Opportunity Knocks: Stefan GP and Toyota prepare for another team's failure

    Stefan GP brokers a deal with Toyota Racing – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Some people just won't take no for an answer. That sense of unbridled optimism could stand to serve an F1 team well, only Stefan GP isn't an F1 team. Yet. But they hope to be, and they're not taking no for ...

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    Is the other Schumacher pondering a F1 comeback too?

    Ralf Schumacher entered Formula One six years after his brother Michael, with the same Jordan team that introduced his sibling to the grid. That's about where the similarities end. After an 11-year career with Williams, Jordan, and Toyota, Ralf retired in 2007 and ended up in the DTM series. He ...

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    Ralf Schumacher tanks on DTM debut

    People hold all sorts of unsubstantiated opinions. That's how we know there must be some people out there somewhere who still think that Ralf Schumacher is as talented as his brother. Those people were shown otherwise this past Sunday when the junior Schumi made his race debut in DTM, the German ...

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    Schumacher to leave Toyota at end of season

    Another Schumacher has left the building... almost. Ralf Schumaker, who's been racing for Toyota since 2005, will leave the F1 team at the end of this season. Saying that he's looking for a "new challenge" the younger half of the Germanic duo still plans on racing the wheels off his F1 whip for the ...

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    Drivers get wet at Nurburgring F1

    Last weekend's rain soaked European Grand Prix at Germany's Nurburgring saw many of the drivers aquaplaning out of control early on in the event. Rain started in just the second lap of the race and it had to be restarted by the fourth lap due to dangerous conditions. By the time the race restarted ...


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