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    Report: Jeremy Clarkson gets final warning from BBC

    Jeremy Clarkson's latest scandal is turning out to be a bit more serious than his past errors, if his latest column in The Sun is to be believed. Clarkson has been in the headlines following the reveal of a Top Gear outtake, in which the 54-year-old presenter appears to (sort of) mumble the ...

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    Report: Flagship Mercedes-Benz NY dealership in hot water over racism lawsuit

    In a lawsuit filed in New York federal court, Mercedes-Benz Manhattan is charged with firing two employees after they complained about racist comments at the dealership. Burnell Guyton and Andre Grammer, both African American, claim they found racist graffiti several times on bathroom stalls ...

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    Video: Top Gear riles Mexico with comments, elicits response

    Top Gear crew discusses Mexico's Mastretta MXT – Click above to watch video after the jump Another month, another nationality insulted by the Top Gear presenters. James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson have hopped into hot water with the Mexican government over comments that the ...

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    Jewish racer describes antisemitism in NASCAR

    Jon Denning, right. Photo courtesy of The other day I came across "Before the Thunder Rolls: Devotions for NASCAR Fans", a Christian prayer book written by a former NASCAR chaplain. It brought to light for me the degree to which stock car racing and Southern Baptist Christianity ...

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    GM suspends advertising on Imus show

    General Motors has decided to suspend advertising on the Don Imus radio show in the wake of controversy sparked by the radio personality's racist remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team. General Motors is cited as a "significant advertiser" on the show, though likely is keen on keeping ...

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    NBC's Dateline trolling for racism and religious intolerance in NASCAR?

    NBC's Dateline has been looking to compile an episode on anti-Muslim attitudes here in the United States, and to kick things off, the news program decided to take "Muslim-looking men" and a camera crew into the Martinsville NASCAR event. We're not quite sure what ...

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    Land Rover criticized by British tv viewers for 'racist' advertisement

    A television advertisement for Land Rover's Discovery 3 (read: "LR3" in colonial English) has the British upscale SUV purveyor in hot water. Seventy-one viewers have filed complaints with the UK's Advertising Standards Authority for racist undertones vis-à-vis Inuit culture. ...


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