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    Video: The art of threading the needle, as demonstrated by a Lotus Exige

    Professional racing drivers are a different breed than the rest of us mere mortals. While fear – of dying, of killing or of simply making a fool of yourself – keeps most men and women from pressing their automobiles to the very limits of their capabilities, some people choose instead ...

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    Video: Worst go-kart pileup ever?

    When go-karts attack – Click above to watch the video
    Ever see those Tour de France crashes that start with one guy in Spandex shorts face-planting into the cement and ends up with 30 or 40 cyclists cascading like dominoes? It's a horrific site to be sure; one that gets replayed dozens of ...

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    Video: Fórmula Truck - The bigger they race, the bigger they crash

    When worlds Fórmula Trucks collide – Click above to watch video after the jump
    var digg_url = ''; Bruno Junqueira, veteran of both Formula One and IndyCar, is now racing in Brazil's spectacular ...


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