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90GT-R driver walks away from terrifying dragstrip accident

With all-wheel drive, launch control and a dual-clutch transmission, the Nissan GT-R may be easier to manage than most supercars. But that doesn't mean that dragging one on a wet strip is a good idea.

72Video: Lamborghini Gallardo Twin-turbo crashes at Texas Mile

Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo crashes at the Texas Mile – Click above to watch video after the jump

44Video: Opening lap crash at 2010 Bathurst race

Fabien Coulthard crashes out of the Bathurst 1000 – Click above to watch video after the jump

61VIDEO: When the Safety Car... isn't

Safety car crash video: Click above to watch video after the jump

18VIDEO: From the "Not What We Meant" file - this Porsche flies

Kelvin Burns was racing along in his Porsche, tearing up the track in Thruxton, England when the car got out of shape and performed a Triple Lindy over the fence and off the track. 0-60 Magazine has video highlights culled from the broadcast of the race, which features a shockingly intimate angle of the crash. It appears that a small bit of contact at a very wrong moment will send your 911 twirling through the air, right past a cameraman with titanium nerves, neatly landing in the perfect orient

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