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race tracks

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    Report: NASCAR tracks battling attendance downturn by adding amenities

    It was bound to happen: NASCAR couldn't grow forever. Now, as attendance for Sprint Cup Series races falls, NASCAR track owners around the country continue to add things like faster wireless internet services, newer restrooms and big-name concerts before a race to put more fans in the ...

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    Bailout bill includes big earmark for race tracks

    What do failing banks and foreclosed houses have to do with race tracks? A lot, apparently, if you're Charles Schumer. The New York Senator added an earmark to the nation's $700 billion "rescue plan" that will extend current tax laws for race tracks that allow them to be considered the same as ...

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    Race tracks of the world on Google Maps

    Obviously, some of us have more spare time than others. The good thing about it is that some of the folks lucky enough to have some extra time do really cool things to further our affliction with everything automotive.Follow the link to ApocaIX, and you will have a pretty respectable listing of ...


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