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race of champions

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    SPOILER: 2008 Race of Champions crowns new king among motorsport's best

    Click above for high-res gallery from the 2008 Race of Champions
    Yesterday marked the running of the 2008 Race of Champions, an annual event that hosts the world's best drivers from NASCAR, F1, WRCC, LeMans racing and every other legitimate form of four-wheeled competition in the world. The ...

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    LIVE: Race of Champions is streaming on the web right now!

    Waiting for your Sunday to take shape? Well, while you're figuring out your schedule, know that the Race of Champions is streaming live on the web right now. You can tune in to the action from Wembley at or over at Autofiends, which is actually at the race and also carrying the ...

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    Tanner Foust takes Travis Pastrana's place at the Race of Champions

    After a report surfaced yesterday that Travis Pastrana sustained injuries to his hip and ankle during an unknown accident, rumors began to circulate that Tanner Foust would replace the X Games alumni and three-time RoC finalist in this weekend's Race of Champions. The rumors have been confirmed and ...

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    Travis Pastrana rumored to be injured, out of '08 Race of Champions

    This may come as a shock (or, actually... not at all), but Travis Pastrana is rumored to have injured himself, which may render the oft-maimed X Games star unable to compete in the upcoming Race of Champions. The RoC pits the world's greatest drivers from various motorsport (and other sports) ...

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    Oh, it's on! Hamilton vs Hoy at Race of Champions

    British racing fans had lots of reason to celebrate this year. Not only did their golden boy Lewis Hamilton win the Formula One World Championship, but their star cyclist Chris Hoy took home three Olympic gold medals from the Beijing Olympics. But the ultimate face-off between man and machine is ...

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    KTM X-Bow confirmed for Race of Champions

    Click above to view the KTM X-Bow at Wembley in high resolution One look at the KTM X-Bow should tell you it's about as close to a race car for the road as you're ever likely to see. Add to that the European GT4 Sports Light championship and it pretty much seals the deal. But if that still isn't ...

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    KTM X-Bow, Suzuki Hayabusa-engined car tested for Race of Champions

    Click above for more high-res shots of the 2008 ROC cars
    Americans may be more familiar with the International Race of Champions, IROC for short, due to that race's popularity in the '80s and '90s and for the Chevy Camaros and Dodge Daytonas affixed with the badge. In the rest of the world, ...

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    Schumacher confirmed to return for 2008 Race of Champions

    The Race of Champions is scheduled to return to its new home at London's Wembley Stadium on December 14th. For those unfamiliar, the annual event pits a host of the best racing drivers in the world against each other on carefully-calibrated equal terms. The event is split between the solo ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: 2007 Race of Champions results

    click on any image to view high-res gallery The premise of the Race of Champions is simple: take the best drivers in the world and have them compete on equal terms. Drivers from Formula 1, DTM, WRC and more go head-to-head in the same cars on the same track with personal and national pride at ...

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    Schumacher set to race again

    Though we're sure Ferrari wishes Schumi were returning to the cockpit of one of their racers, he will actually be contesting the Race of Champions this December at the new Wembley Stadium. The now-retired septuple F1 World Champion has done the RoC before, in 2004, when he was beat by current ...


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