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    Video: Bunny couldn't out hop a BMW M3 on-track

    Driving a car is a dangerous hobby, and not just because of other drivers or poor roads. Sometimes, it seems like even the wildlife is out to get you, as evidenced here, here, here, here and here. Now, we can add one more unfortunate car-versus-animal encounter to the tally. Perhaps believing ...

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    Video: Witness this insane 736-hp VW Golf immolate its front tires

    There's torque steer and then there's what we'll from now on dub "The Boba," as in Boba Kettler. The German tuner has a way with the Volkswagen Golf, and the MkI example you see above has been touched with 736 horsepower – that's right, 96 more ponies than a new SRT Viper, all trying to get ...

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    Video: VW Zombie Rabbit is focus of latest Depth of Speed vid

    There are many aspects of the Depth of Speed video series worth loving. The beautiful cinematography, moving soundtrack and gorgeous vehicles all combine to make for some compelling clips. But for us, the real attraction is how accurately the filmmakers capture the relationship between vehicle ...

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    Volkswagen recalling nearly 380,000 cars over fire risk

    2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Volkswagen AG has just issued a recall of nearly 380,000 cars due to the potential for fuel leaks which could lead to a fire. According to The Detroit News, A total of 266,936 Jetta, Jetta SportWagen, Golf and Rabbit models ...

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    Review: 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI delivers potent one-two punch of efficiency and entertainment

    2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI – click above for high-res image gallery
    It's time for American consumers to stop being scared of small diesel cars. Currently, we can't think of a single automaker that isn't shelling out bags of money to research and develop new hybrid powertrains – cars ...

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    They still make that? VW Golf Mk1 ends production after 25 years

    Volkswagen CitiGolf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The original Volkswagen Golf Mk1 arrived as a replacement to the Volkswagen Beetle way back in 1974. Sold in the States as the Volkswagen Rabbit, the early front-wheel-drive hatchback had a transverse-mounted (water-cooled) ...

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    2010 VW Golf TDI starts at $21,990, rated 29/40 mpg - or maybe 30/42?

    2010 Volkswagen Golf - Click above for high-res image gallery
    For 2010, Volkswagen is again discarding the Rabbit badge in favor of the Golf name used in the rest of the world's markets. The European hatchbacks will begin arriving in the U.S. in the coming weeks, beginning with the GTI. The ...

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    Ukraine lays claim to the mother of all potholes

    Click above for a gallery of the VW Golf that was swallowed by a pothole in Ukraine
    Think the roads are bad in your neck of the woods? Growing up just a bit south of Detroit before moving to the sunnier climes of Arizona, this particular blogger has always assumed that Michigan's harsh winters and ...

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    Report: Volkswagen to unveil new GTI in Paris

    Every time Porsche re-does its core product – the 911 – we anticipate a staggered roll-out of new derivatives. Now that Porsche has Volkswagen by the reins, we can expect VW to undertake the same as it unveils new versions of its core offering, known here as the Rabbit and elsewhere as ...

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    Volkswagen offering 0% financing on all 2008 models

    Volkswagen typically shies away from massive rebates, but tough sledding on the sales floor had led the German automaker to take drastic measures. All 2008 models can be had with 0% financing for a limited time, which should help VW dealers clear inventory before the '09 models arrive. The 0% ...

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    Volkswagen Golf Mk VI not U.S.-bound?

    Germany's Spiegel Online is reporting that currency concerns will force Volkswagen to not sell the upcoming Mk VI Golf in the United States, Brazil, and Australia. It all boils down to profitability, and it appears that the forthcoming Golf simply cannot be sold in our market (or Brazil or ...

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    VW Rabbit gets a carrot from Consumer Reports

    If Consumer Reports is right, Volkswagen is well on its way to attaining its dream of outselling Toyota by 2015. In the magazine's June 2008 issue, CR threw a handful of hatchbacks into the ring and the VW Rabbit hopped out the winner. The magazine cited the Rabbit's "very well finished" interior ...

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    Volkswagen Golf MkVI delayed to 2009

    Back in January we told you that new VW boss Martin Winterkorn ordered a strategic review of the Golf, Tiguan, and Scirocco. The goal of the review was to spice up design, and an unfortunate side effect is delayed product launches. Auto Express is reporting that the Golf MkVI is now scheduled to be ...

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    VW recalling 340,000 vehicles in the U.S.

    Those of you rolling in a Volkswagen Jetta or Rabbit that was hecho en Mexico, take note: VW is recalling 340,000 vehicles sold in the U.S. due to a headlamp defect. The recall stems from rubber caps that could be missing from the horizontal and vertical headlight alignment screws, something that's ...

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    VW says Adios! to Auburn Hills - move to D.C. confirmed

    The workforce exodus in Southeast Michigan is slated to continue, as Volkswagen's North American headquarters is officially heading over to Washington D.C. VW currently employs 1,500 workers in Auburn Hills, just a stone's throw away from Chrysler's epicenter. The move to D.C. comes as VW has lost ...

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    Oldest VW diesel found in California

    click above image for high-res galleryBack in January when Volkswagen unveiled its new diesel Jetta TDI in Washington D.C., the German automaker began a campaign to find the oldest running diesel VW in the U.S. The search is over, with the eldest VW oil burner being a 1977 Rabbit owned by Clint ...

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    Spy Shots: Gen VI Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit spotted

    KGP Photography was spending its weekend in beautiful Death Valley when its photogs snapped a whole lot of pics of the next VW Rabbit in testing. Judging from the VW engineer flipping off the camera (will they ever learn how bad that looks?), we're pretty sure the Volkswagen testers didn't want ...

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    U.S. or Bust: Volkswagen China developing car for North America

    Volkswagen makes good-looking vehicles with terrific interiors, very good fuel economy, and spirited driving dynamics. In the US, those virtues alone don't make a high volume automaker, as price tends to play a major role in buyer's decisions. Due to the strength of the Euro, VW has much higher ...

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    Rabbit diesel under consideration

    When an automaker introduces any kind of expensive technology, one of the first things it does is to try to distribute the cost of production of said tech across its lineup. For Volkswagen, that could include stuffing their new diesel mill into the vehicle-formerly-known-as-the-Golf, the Rabbit. ...

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    Snatched! VW R32s selling quickly before hitting dealerships

    The last R32 was a favorite of tuners and VW enthusiasts alike, and from the looks of the early orders, the 2008 MK V R32 is going to be in hot demand. The kind folks over at Volkswagen gave current GTI and R32 owners first dibs at the 2008 model, and the VW loyalists didn't disappoint. Of the ...


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