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The 61st edition of The 12 Hours of Sebring is on, and Autoblog has come to central Florida with Audi to feast on jumbo boiled peanuts, pickled eggs and the final race for the LMP1 class at the oldest road course in North America. As Audi has been doing for more than a decade now, it's brought its latest endurance race car, the 2013-spec R18 etron quattro, to Sebring to begin testing for Le Mans.

We were baffled a few weeks back when the American Le Mans Series and Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series announced new classes that will make up their combined racing program in 2014. Gone from the list is the Le Mans Prototype class, otherwise known as LMP1. The LMP1 class has long been the top dog of endurance racing, both in Europe and the US, so we couldn't figure out why this newly minted racing series was jettisoning it like yesterday's donuts.

Who ever thought we'd hear this said about a sports car: "If we made this a diesel hybrid it could be a hot-seller." Yeah. Never. Nevertheless, that's what Audi R&D chief Wolfgang Durheimer told Auto Express about a his idea for a supercar to sit above the R8 and bang carbon-fiber fenders with the McLaren P1, Ferrari F70 and Porsche 918.

Porsche of late is doing everything to remain in the news. Crystal balls are still trying to glean what Porsche plans to do with Lamborghini and Bugatti, which have thrived under Audi's watch. Now the brand, for which there is no substitute, has struck a deal with Audi to develop an entry level sports car called the R4 as well as the next Boxster and Cayman. The R-car will be the lowest rung in an "R" lineup that will hop even numbers from R4 to R10.

When the topic of conversation at the Autoblog bunker shifts to the R8, it's simply a matter of time before one of us brings up the idea of a diesel version of Audi's new supercar. With the recent success of the TDI R10, Audi has both the technological prowess and the racing creds to make a serious play towards being the first automaker to offer an oilburner in an exotic. According to Car and Driver, it's not only plausible, it's undergoing development.

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/motorsport/Audi_considering_dropping_out_of_ALMS'; Despite racking up its eigth victory in a row at last weekend's 12 Hours of Sebring, Audi is reportedly considering dropping out of the American Le Mans Series. Rumors of Audi yanking its unbeatable R10s from competition in the U.S. have been swirling ever since last season when race organizers began changing rules to slow down the Audis and give their competition a hope in hell of winning. Those revisions didn

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Audi's dominating R10 TDi racecars may leave the American LeMans series because of a rule change by the organizers. Although ALMS nominally uses the rules defined by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) for the 24 Hours of LeMans, they do occasionally tweak minimum weights, and air restrictor sizes to help even out the competition. The ALMS has increased the restrictor size for LMP2 class cars this year to allow them to compete better with LMP1 cars, which includes the R10.

Audi's Ingolstadt brand, which is providing the chauffeur service at the World Economic Forum (WEF), is running part of its Audi A8 fleet on emissions-friendly SynFuel diesel fuel. SynFuel, which is produced synthetically from natural gas, is crystal-clear and free of sulphur and aromatics. Particulates are reduced by 35 percent over regular diesel and carbon monoxide emissions are virtually erased via a massive 93 percent reduction. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are a

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The thrilling and historic first season for the Audi R10 TDI in the American Le Mans Series has concluded with Audi's two-car team scoring a 1-2 victory, its third of the year, at this season's final race at Laguna Seca. The victory caps an eight-race all-out win streak and mark's the first time an ALMS car has gone undefeated in its debut season. Though Audi did win every race outright this season, the two races occurring in between the 12 Hours of Sebring season opener and 24 Hours of Le Mans

Admitting they didn't have the fastest car in the field, Audi drivers Dindo Capello and Allan McNish relied on the fuel economy of their diesel-powered R10 to win the season-ending American Le Mans race at Laguna Seca over the weekend. The team moved into the lead when early front-runners had to pit. After recovering from stop-and-go penalty for causing an accident, the team pitted with a third of the race remaining, hoping the engine's fuel economy would go the distance. The Audi regained the l

UPDATE: Photos added from Neal M. and dc, play-by-play account from Ahmed

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